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ZOOM WORKSHOP THURS @ 7PM Podcast Workshop / Is Your Sceenwriting Any Good?


How do you know if your screenwriting is any good? The (kind of crazy) common wisdom screenwriters get all the time is "pay people to tell you". 

So we take classes, buy coverage, hire editors . . . But in reality, unless audiences actually tell you your work is great, you know nothing.  When audiences like your work, it doesn't matter if teachers, readers, and editors hate every word you write. The cheapest way to get your work in front of millions is via a podcast. 

  • Podcasts are easy, cheap, and fun to create.
  • Podcasts are easy, cheap, and fun to promote. 
  • When they are good, they gain audiences without any help from you at all. 
  • They are a great way to prove to yourself and to the world that you can write, direct, and produce. 

Launching and promoting a podcast is easier than writing a book or producing a film, and it's a cheaper way to collect an audience. It's a great way to road test whether or not your work is good enough to support you, and it gives you a way to experiment with making your work easier to love. If you are a writer, screenwriter, director, or producer, a podcast is the best micro-investment you can make in your career. It's also a perfect-pandemic proof project.


This week we'll be addressing how to swiftly produce podcasts profitably. In 2021, 104 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly, and 64 Million listen once a week or more often. Here are some more podcast stats to check out and

If you are a VIP/PRO you will automatically be invited to this workshop at 3pm on April 29, and again at 6pm, and you already have access to all the resources that come with it. If you are not a VIP/PRO and you want to become one, sign up  ( for $87/year or $20/month. You get access to 200+ workbooks and videos and live workshops every week. 

If you prefer you can sign up for just this workshop and supporting resources at

APRIL 29 @ 7PM Podcast Quick Launch and Profitable Production 

If you want to learn how to produce podcasts swiftly, profitably, and without purchasing a lot of expensive equipment, sign up for this live workshop. You will learn how to record, edit, and release your podcast, and several ways to use it to generate revenue, and you will receive several supporting videos and workbooks that deliver the in-depth skills you need to know to quickly thrive as a podcaster.

Tip: Apple has just announced this week that you will be able to sell your podcasts though iPhones and their online store. This means that, like books, films, or apps, you can sell audio programming. The royalty rates are very high, and Apple handles all the billing. This will be a game changer for many independent authors, screenwriters, and producers because they won't have to use third parties like Patreon to monetize their content.

By attending this workshop and reviewing these resources you learn . . .

  • How to record and launch a podcast in a couple of hours.
  • How to start producing your podcast without purchasing any equipment.
  • How to use Audacity to edit your podcast, add music to it, and export it into a file format that works for podcasts.
  • Where to legally find music, sound fx, and other resources you can legally incorporate into your podcasts.
  • Creating and using digital voices to record stories, essays, and books for your podcast.
  • How to hire actors and editors to work with you to record a podcast.
  • How to upload your podcast to Podcast distribution services and which ones to consider.
  • Where and how to find great guests for your podcast easily.
  • How to promote your podcast and use podcast promotion to boost other media.
  • How to use your podcast to acquire a paying audience for whatever you do
  • Several ways to earn revenue from your podcast.
  • Why podcasts are being acquired by Hollywood as the basis for TV Shows just like books are.

Immediately after you sign up you will receive access to these videos and workbooks along with a PDF that provides the zoom link for the live workshop. Just open the confirmation email and click View Content:

  • Video: Producing a Podcast
  • Workbook: Producing a Podcast
  • Video: Audacity Audio Editing for Podcasts
  • Workbook: Audacity Editing Guide for New Podcast Producers
  • Video: Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals
  • Workbook: Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals
  • Video: How to Book Guests
  • Workbook: How to Book Guests for Interviews, Podcasts, etc.
  • Video: Hiring Actors and Others Legally
  • Video: Recording Meetings and Interviews via Zoom
  • Workbook: Recording Meetings and Interviews via Zoom
  • Video: Creating and Using Digital Voices to Record Your Podcast
  • Workbook: Creating and Using Digital Voices to Record Your Podcast
  • Video: Setting Up a Patreon Page
  • Workbook: Setting Up a Patreon Page

If you are an author, screenwriter, producer, attorney, or anyone who sells expert services, producing a podcast is one of the very best ways for you to build a pool of fans who like you and your work enough to buy what you sell and recommend you to others. It’s also one of the least expensive and swift ways to create and release great content.

If you have questions about this set of resources before or after purchase, or have trouble getting access to any of the materials, just email I look forward to being of service.

Nancy Fulton

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