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Zoom Link for Tomorrow's Workshop on Secret Identities (Aliases, Pen Names, Pseudonyms, etc).


Wednesday at 7pm I'll be running a free workshop on working under a name other than your own. You can attend this workshop by clicking the link below, and get the supporting resources for it by clicking the second link.

Click here to attend the live online workshop

Click here to get the free Supporting Resources & a Recording of the Event when it's over (expires Aug 3)

About This Workshop

Many writers, filmmakers, and other creative pros operate under a secret identity from time to time. Some do it all the time. Perhaps you sing in the church choir, but you like to write steamy romances. You are really well known for your horror flicks, but you want to start writing kids books. You are best known for your work as a family-friendly filmmaker, but you’d like to create some racier content for grown ups In this workshop we’ll talk about several ways to remain in control of your work while not having your name on it. We will also discuss how to handle some of the hassles that come with using these techniques, and we’ll discuss what to do when your cover is blown.

Topics covered
Reasons to Create a More Distant Relationship Between You & Your Work
Reasons Why it Might Not be a Good Idea
An Overview of Ways and Means to Accomplish that Objective
Links to Resources You’ll Find Useful
Insight into What Happens When/If Your Solution Stops Working
Some Very Famous People Who Never Existed

Get the Free Supporting Resources
Video 5460 How to Sell Without Fear: Learn How Creatives Pitch and Close Comfortably
Video 2450 Thrive in Hollywood by Building a Paying Audience

If you have any questions about this workshop or any upcoming workshops, please send an email to I look forward to hearing from you.

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Nancy Fulton

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