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Weds @ 7pm: FREE Workshop on Finding Profitable Film & Video Distribution

Greetings :)

This is just a quick heads up that Wednesday at 7PM, I'm running a workshop on Profitable Film and Video Distribution. To sign up for the workshop, sign up at

We have a lot of recorded workshops about distribution and selling your film and video rights. You can find them linked below. If you sign up for this workshop you'll get some of the recorded workshops free. If you are a VIP/PRO, you already have access to all of them and you'll receive the link to attend the live zoom workshop tomorrow morning. If you are not a VIP/PRO become one, and you get access to all these workshops and more, as well as live events I run, all for $20/month or less.

If you are struggling to produce media so you have something to distribute, you may want to check out these recorded workshops. They dive into no budget, nano-budget, low-budget, and big budget content production strategies in some detail.

Obviously, we have lots of content on writing screenplays and treatments as well.

If you have questions about this workshop, or are feeling stuck, email

Best Wishes!

Nancy Fulton

PS: Remember you can find all recently run workshop here:


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Zoom Link for Tomorrow's Workshop on Secret Identities (Aliases, Pen Names, Pseudonyms, etc).

Wednesday: Your First Film Production Made Easy / Upcoming: Pen Names, Maker Media, Activist Content Workshops


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