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Wednesday! Podcast Wide Release Workshop w Training in Production / 4 Workshops Coming Up


We have several live online workshops coming up, including one on how to get your podcast released wide on Amazon, Apple, Spotify, etc.

You will get complete documentation on how to swiftly create, edit, and release podcasts. You will learn why they are a good investment for writers, actors, and producers. They can prove you know how to write, perform, or produce great content. They are distributed free, worldwide, and can generate huge audiences.

Podcasts are big business in Hollywood and they are easy, cheap, and fast to produce. In the March 30 workshop, we will talk about how to easily get your podcast carried worldwide.


You can attend ALL these live online workshops for just $20. You will also get access to 120+ recorded workshops and supporting workshops you can watch on demand.

March 30 @ 7PM Podcast Wide Release on Amazon, Apple, Spotify, etc.

In this workshop we’ll talk about how to swiftly and cheaply produce your podcast (audio drama, author reading, interview, true crime, TV Show fan podcast, et al) and how to make it available everywhere on the internet for free. You’ll learn how to generate revenue from podcasts, how to turn podcasts into great credits on IMDB, and how to help make your podcast become something Hollywood wants to license, buy, or advertise on. 

April 6 @ 7PM: (Significant) Hollywood Disasters and (Important) Lessons Learned

One of the best ways to learn how to thrive and prosper in the entertainment industry is to take a good look at some of the entertainment industry’s biggest disasters and what made them possible. In this workshop you learn how Cleopatra killed a studio, how Water World destroyed careers, how the Twilight Zone almost tanked Steven Spielberg, why Blade Runner didn’t make its investors very happy, and why The Godfather turned into a deal with the Devil for many.  You’ll also have an opportunity to think about the content you create (books, screenplays, films, television shows) and what you want it to do for you personally. Is it Money you’re after? Fame? Family? Friends? Knowing exactly what you do want is a great way to avoid getting what you DO NOT want. 

April 13 @ 7pm: Using Custom Fonts Legally to Create Better Movie Posters, Book Covers, Pitches, etc.

If you think you are pretty good at design, and know where to find great stock images (,, etc) you may be shocked at just how awful your posters and book covers look. No matter what you do, or how hard you work, they look like they were made by an amateur. Often the problem is that you aren’t using professional fonts. If you shop for fonts you’ll find they range from “free” to hundreds of dollars. The problem with the free fonts is that they aren’t really free when you are using them commercially, which is to say for business purposes. That can turn into a big financial problem. In this workshop you’ll learn where to buy, how to buy, and how to use professional fonts in your work. You’ll learn why fonts are able to completely change human perception of an image, communicating when something is supposed to be horrifying, suspenseful, old fashioned, ancient, alien, or twenty minutes into the future. You’ll also learn how to mix fonts, so you don’t jar people’s eyes and minds by mixing the wrong kind or number of font types. 

April 20 @ 7PM How to Buy and Use Special FX in Videos, Films, and Animations

In this workshop, you learn several fast and cost-effective ways to add special FX to your film posters, book covers, ads, and films. Just as there are libraries of stock images, there are libraries of special effects, and learning where to find them, and how to use them, can have a big impact in the kind and quality of projects you can do. You can spend a lot of money hiring others to create these FX for you, but learning how to create them yourself may well be a better investment. 

UPCOMING FACE to FACE Meetups for VIP/PROs Members

April 15 @ 11:00 Face-to-Face Lunch Meeting in Hollywood (VIP/PRO ONLY)

This workshop is best for VIP/PROS who want to address issues they are having with writing a book, getting a book edited and formatted, publishing their books, promoting/advertising their books, getting book reviews, finding an agent, etc. This is a live, in-person, face-to-face meeting for 10. There is a $10 to attend and the price of food isn't included. If you want to network, and you're looking for advice specific to your situation, this is a great event to attend.

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