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WEDNESDAY! Free Attorney-Led Live Workshop for Co-Writers / Co-Producers Sign Up Now!


We have a free live workshop coming up on Wednesday for Co-Writers, Co-Producers, and any creative collaboration teams. It discusses divorce, death, and creative right's agreements. This is a critical workshop if you co-own content with any creative partner. Sign up to attend the event here: 

If you are a VIP/PRO you'll get a recording of this workshop in addition to being able to attend live.


For the next 48 hours you can watch an in-depth recorded workshop on how to get paid more for your work, and how to get paid faster by clicking the link below. This workshop will be of interest if you frequently work for free or for far too little.

If you are a graphic designer, editor, executive producer, screenwriter, casting director, programmer, website designer, costume designer, etc, you'll find it a useful video to watch. The techniques and tools discussed solve problems for you and for those you want to work with. Don't forget to download the workbook . . .


Attend them all and get full access to our full 120+ video library by becoming a VIP/PRO. Cancel any time.

May 4 @ 7PM Tik Tok Promotion: In this workshop you learn how to promote yourself, your books, your films, and your other projects on Tik Tok. Learn how to make lots of great videos fast, and how to run them as ads for books, films, etc.

May 11 @ 7PM PST Quickly / Cheaply Creating Professional Cartoons in Adobe Character Animator: In this workshop, you learn how to create and animate cartoons in minutes using Adobe Character Animator. Adobe Animator is part of the Adobe Creative Suite which you can get for $50/month. It includes photoshop and a whole bunch of apps. This is what professional animation houses use to make cartoons these days, and it's something you can master fast. (Note, I don't get affiliate fees for recommending them. I just like/use their tool sets).

May 18 @ 7PM: Creating 360 Photos of Your 3D Worlds for Your Facebook Page and Website: Show people the world's inside your head, the sets you will build, the characters you'll create, in an interactive way that you can post on facebook or put in ads :)

To attend these workshops, just sign up at

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