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Wednesday @ 7PM: Aggressive Digital Voice Development is Remaking Media (Voice Cloning / Deep Fakes)


I hope you had an exceptional holiday weekend, and that you're looking forward to a very productive week.

Wednesday at 7PM we'll be discussing Digital Voice Creators and Emulators that can be used to record audio for Film, TV, Cartoon, Audiobook, Podcast, and Advertising projects. This is a critical workshop for you if you are a producer, writer, screenwriter, director, or performer.

Wednesday I’m diving into a wide range of digital voice solutions because I support writers, screenwriters, producers, animators, performers, and other industry pros. We are in the midst of a huge change in how performances are created and captured, and no where is that more visible than voice performances. I'll be talking about several digital voice solutions you can use cost effectively right away.

  • If you are a producer, you need to know how this impacts your costs, and you need to understand that your competitors, including studios, are using these technologies. It impacts how how can sell your work, how much you can sell it for, and why other producers may have lower risks than you do.
  • If you are an actor, you need to know that this is already impacting your voice work, and that you can leverage this technology, and your skills, to create passive income and/or to become a producer very cost effectively.
  • If you are a writer/screenwriter, you need to know about these tools, because they may make producing many of your projects and a lot of your marketing media much easier and less expensive. Turning a book into an audiobook, creating podcasts and cartoons, is getting much easier.

This development is not going to stop. Solutions will get better, faster, easier, and cheaper. You need to plan accordingly.

Remember, you can attend this workshop for $24. You will automatically become a VIP/PRO and you'll get free access to 3 months worth of upcoming live workshops and 3 months of free access to the 120+ recorded workshops we currently have online at at

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JUNE 1 @ 7PM Creating Voices using Digital Voice Creators and Emulators

In this workshop, you lean how to create and buy digital voices you can use to read books, use in cartoons, and create voice over. If you are a producer, these tools can save you a great deal of time and money in production. They can also make it easier for you to localize your projects into multiple languages quickly (English, French, Italian, etc). It will help screenwriters create virtual table reads that help them hear their words before they submit their work for producers.  I'll be introducing several solutions you can start using right away.

JUNE 8 @ 7PM Buying Computers for Much Less & Renting/Running High Speed Virtual Computers Online for Under $1/ Hour

You can’t work as a creative professional without a computer. Sometimes, when you are producing an animated project, or a virtual production film or series with digital sets and backgrounds, you need one or a dozen very high-powered computers to get the job done.

In this workshop, you learn ways to buy and rent PC’s, Mac’s, very quickly and cost effectively.  You will find this a very important workshop if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your computer and/or you need access to high-power, high-speed computers for yourself and your team, on demand, for under $1 an hour. You may find this workshop an absolute lifesaver the next time your computer breaks, or the next time you need a very expensive computer.

JUNE 15 @ 7PM Stealing Visibility: How to Make Your Books, Screenplay, Films, & TV Projects Instantly More Valuable

You already know that attaching name talent into your film and TV projects makes them worth more. But those attachments cost time and money to acquire. In this workshop you learn about “attachments” you can make that are entirely free, and very high value. This is an important workshop if you’re trying make your books, screenplays, films, and TV Projects instantly more valuable without significant expenditure. We’ll discuss some projects that have used these techniques, and when you may find them most appropriate. 

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Best Wishes!

Nancy Fulton

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