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Video Posted for Last Nights Workshop on Buying Computers Cheap and Remote-Renting High Speed Computers for under $1/hr


This is just a quick heads up that I've posted the workshop for last night's workshop on buying computers cheap and remote-renting high-speed computers by the hour. Note it includes a recorded demo of how to run a high-speed Windows computer from a Mac for $0.51/hour.

You can find the video and the workbook/slides at

If you are a VIP/PRO you will be able to watch it free. If you aren't you can buy access to just this video. Remember that the cool part about the video and the workbook together is that you can pretty much move at your own pace (fast forwarding, re-watching, or just reading through the material and clicking the links). Also, you can access the videos on your computer, tablet, or phone.

We have 130+ videos online and they are organized by topic. Most come with workbooks, many feature legal experts, producers, sales, agents. etc. Have a look around at

Want access to all videos and all live online events? It's $24/3 Months currently. The price will be going up in a few weeks, so now's a good time to sign up. Here's the link to sign up as a VIP/PRO:

Best Wishes :)

Nancy Fulton


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