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This is just a quick heads up on events we have coming up, where to get the video for the last event we ran, and a couple of workshops you can get for free.

First, the last live workshop is at We discussed how voice emulation and voice cloning can help you produce faster, cheaper, and more quickly. We talked about several tools, including Descript which is groundbreaking. If you like that workshop, check out the character animation with Adobe Character Animation workshop and the Podcasting workshop, all free if you become a VIP/Pro for $24/3 Months.

Second, if you are currently producing a $500K-$5M film, you can get 3 workshops on development, funding, and hiring the right cast and crew by going here. These workshops will be free for the next couple of days.


We have the following workshops coming up. Two will be live, and I'll post the three others as recorded workshops for VIP/PROs. I'll be traveling in Europe in late June and early July.

JUNE 8 @ 7PM Buying Computers for Much Less & Renting/Running High Speed Virtual Computers Online for Under $1/ Hour

You can’t work as a creative professional without having a computer. Sometimes, when you are producing an animated project, or a virtual production film or series with digital sets and backgrounds, you need one or a dozen very high-powered computers to get the job done. 

In this workshop, you learn ways to buy and rent PC’s, Mac’s, very quickly and cost effectively.  You will find this a very important workshop if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your computer and/or you need access to high-power, high-speed computers for yourself and your team, on demand, for under $1 an hour. You may find this workshop an absolute lifesaver the next time your computer breaks, or the next time you need a very expensive computer.

JUNE 15 @ 7PM Stealing Visibility: How to Make Your Books, Screenplay, Films, & TV Projects Instantly More Valuable

You already know that attaching name talent into your film and TV projects makes them worth more. But those attachments cost time and money to acquire. In this workshop you learn about “attachments” you can make that are entirely free, and very high value. This is an important workshop if you’re trying make your books, screenplays, films, and TV Projects instantly more valuable without significant expenditure. We’ll discuss some projects that have used these techniques, and when you may find them most appropriate. 

JUNE 22: Effective Marketing & PR Through Commentary and Criticism (Video Posted / No Live Event)

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to build an audience for your work is to start commenting on the work of famous people who have work similar to yours.  The audience you build using that method shares your interest in that kind of content, and you have a legitimate reason to use their names and their projects (book, film, TV show, etc) in your work.  Every review site on earth earns it’s income by leveraging the fame of others. In this workshop you learn how to quickly/easily start building an audience using this technique, and get a chance to check out people who’ve done it. 

JUNE 29 @ 7PM: Selling Vacation Footage: Making Time Off Pay (Video Posted / No Live Event)

In this workshop you learn how to take photos and capture video while you are on vacation and sell it to others using a variety of sites and tools. If you are a producer, cinematographer, or photographer, or just a happy hobbies, you will find this a useful set of skills to acquire. 

JULY 6 @ 7PM: Fundamentals of Overseas Production Incentives (Video Posted / No Live Event)

In this workshop you get a good primer on the fundamentals of producing your work overseas using the incentive programs that can cover up to 1/3 of your budget. We’ll touch on a variety of country’s programs, including our neighbor to the north, Canada. 


Remember that you can always email me at I look forward to hearing from you and to being of service to you going forward.

Best Wishes!

Nancy Fulton


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Video Posted: "Stealing Visibility" : How to Make Your Books, Screenplays, Films, etc. Instantly More Valuable

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LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: "Stealing Visibility" to Make Projects More Valuable / Price Increase

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