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We have 4 workshops coming up.  To attend them all for $20 as a VIP/PRO, sign up at :) To sign up for individual workshops, click the links below. 

July 20 @ 7pm How You Use Product Placement to Make Films, TV Shows, and Events More Profitable Featuring Expert Patti Pelton

If there is a misunderstood aspect to film and television funding, it's Product Placement. It can make your film or TV series vastly more profitable, but you have to go looking at it at exactly the right time and you have to have exactly the right pitch and expectations. There are many scammers who promise they can get your product placement, and they often charge thousands of dollars for a service they simply cannot provide. Get the lowdown on Product Placement by attending this workshop with expert Patti Pelton who has worked with many producers and studios to acquire product placement (props, locations, etc)  that saved producers hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour of content produced. 


July 27 @ 7PM How to Write a Memoir or Biography Swiftly

There are lots of good reasons to write a Memoir or to write a Biography about someone else you admire, love, or loathe. If you want to dive into writing such a book, but fear it will take you years rather than weeks, this workshop will teach you what you need to know.  The right approach, and the right tools, make an amazing memoir or biography easy to get out the door. Remember, producers, great documentaries and great films often start with great books that cover some or all of an interesting life.  Great books also make great documentaries and films easier to market and more profitable for producers. 


July 29 @ 7PM Getting Legitimate Amazon Book Reviews from Non-Friends and Family Easily 

You need good Amazon reviews because many people will not buy a book unless it has several 4 or 5 star reviews first. Amazon has very fierce rules when it comes to asking for reviews, and failing to follow them can get all your reviews taken away, and it can even get your book booted out of their bookstore. Learn how the self-publishing pros swiftly and legally get the reviews they need each time they review a book. If you're a filmmaker or TV producer, remember that publishing a book that generates lots of revenue and gets great reviews goes a long way toward helping your work find a paying audience, and proving to the world that your book has a market. 

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Aug 3 @ 7PM Using Facial Motion Capture to Animate Your Characters Fast and Cheap

In this workshop you learn how to swiftly and cost effectively create your characters and put words in their mouth using facial motion capture. You will find this set of skills useful for creating animated content to support your book promotions, Film/TV pitches, pre-visualization, etc. Your characters can talk to the audience and to one another, and you can place them anywhere on earth, or anywhere in the universe. Use these tools to create animated ads, animated pitch decks, animated storyboards, or to create animated productions. 

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VIP/PRO MEMBERS who signed up for $20/month now have access to the recorded workshop for Option, Shopping & Life Rights Agreements led by Attorney Paul S. Levine. All producers, authors, and screenwriters need to understand these agreements in order to do business in Hollywood. They are the tools most frequently used by producers, studios, screenwriters, and authors to buy and sell stories that turn into TV shows and films. If you don't understand them.  VIP/PRO members will find this 90 minute in-depth workshop in their library of more than 200+ expert videos and workbooks.

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