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Tuesday @ 7pm: How to Write a Screenplay or Novel in 40-80 Hours (Authors/Screenwriters/Producers)


Tuesday at 7pm we'll be talking about how authors and screenwriters get their writing speed up to ~1000 words per hour so they can generate the first draft of a screenplay or novel in 40-80 hours. If you are a producer, and you want to understand why some writers write so much faster than others, you will also find this an important event to attend,

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If you are a VIP/PRO, you'll automatically be invited to this online workshop, and you'll automatically get a recording of it and a supporting workbook. Just check your email at 3pm and 6pm on Tuesday for the link. You get invited to all the online workshops I run, 3-4 per month, and you get answers to questions 1-to-1 via email as well. You also already have access to all the workshops at

If you're not a VIP/PRO, and you'd like to be one for $72/year (or $20/month), sign up at

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