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In tonight's workshop we'll be talking about marketing solutions that you can use to build a following (and revenue) from your work as an author, screenwriter, or producer. Sign up now at

It's a game changer . . .

  • Producers can have 10,000 or 100,000 people standing by, ready to pay to watch your short films, features, documentaries, and TV series? These fans can bring more than their eyes to your projects. They can bring ticket sales, book sales, social media promotion, and even investment through a REG CF.

  • Screenwriters who want to sell more of their work to producers can generate a fanbase that makes their scripts more valuable. Their characters, plots, and locations in their screenplays can make great, quick-to-write, books. They can generate revenue, and new opportunities, by turning unproduced screenplays into books.

  • Self-Published Authors who understand effective book publishing and promotion are already earning $50K+/Year from 20 books. These authors know how to very cost effectively acquire tens of thousands of fans. Those fans buy lots of media, including movie and TV subscriptions.

Find out about 20+ book marketing solutions that can give you thousands of real fans fast and cheap. Sign up now at

Note, if you are a VIP/PRO you don't have to sign up. You will automatically be invited to attend the workshop, and you already have access to all the videos at You can become a VIP/PRO at

TONIGHT AT 7PM PST: 20 Effective Book & Audiobook Sales and Marketing Sites (Live Workshop for Authors, Screenwriters, and Producers)

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Learn about specific sites that help you sell your books and build your fanbase so you can earn a lot more from your work.


NOV 9 @ 7PM PST: Writing a Novel Series or Television Series Using Treatments and Bibles (Live Workshop for Writers, Screenwriters, and Producers)

Sign up:

A series of novels and a television series have a lot in common, including intersecting character arcs, interdependent plots, and maximizing revenue earned per customer. Learn how to use treatments and bibles to create content worth more.

NOV 16 @ 7PM: Writing Faster with Smart Sprints (for Writers and Screenwriters and Writer/Producers)

Time is money and the faster you write great content, the more you earn. Sprint-writing works helps you abandon counter-productive writing habits you probably picked up in school, so you can earn a lot more by finishing a lot more of the work you most want to do.

Nancy Fulton

PS: If you haven't added all your credits to IMDB, it's a good time to do so. It doesn't take long, and if you work as a screenwriter, producer, or other industry pro, IMDB is where most people look to see what you've done. If you can't figure out how to get IMDB to list your credits, check out

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