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TONIGHT @ 7PM Learning How Not to Get Scammed in Tinsel Town / Bouncing Back from Hollywood Frauds

Greetings Everyone :)

I hope you are all very well . . . 

Tonight at 7pm I'll be addressing how to avoid being cheated or scammed in Hollywood. The truth is, almost everyone who works here runs into someone who "isn't as advertised" and ends up losing lots of time and money. The stories I've heard from senior execs about the frauds they've survived are hysterical, especially when they are told in big fancy offices filled with awards.

I created this workshop because Writers, Actors, Producers and other Skilled entertainment industry pros are simply more at risk for being exploited than those who work in other industries:

  • We all do more deals in a year than others do in a lifetime. 
  • We are all sell scripts, books, and films it has taken years to create, or skills it's taken us years to acquire.
  • We must take calculated risks to move our careers forward or they simply will not progress.
  • And our industry, our city, is a magnet for people who want to work with beautiful, talented, high net worth people on high value projects. These delusional and/or predatory people who have a knack for exploitation are all over Los Angeles and all over the Entertainment Industry because that is where we are . . . .

One can love both the town and the industry while understanding that it's quite possible to lose many thousands of dollars (or hundreds of thousands of dollars), your best work, and many years of your life by making bad deals with bad people.

Tonight's workshop covers strategies and tools you can use to protect yourself, your family, your work, your creative collaborators, and the teams you work for going forward. It's a critical strategic primer for doing business in Hollywood. 

If you are a VIP/PRO MEMBER you'll get your link to attend this workshop at 5pm via email. If you are not, sign up to become one for $10/month. You can cancel at any time. And you won't find a less expensive, more helpful, training solution/service that delivers what you need to move forward in your work. Sign up:

When you become a VIP/PRO MEMBER you will get invites to the following live online events, and you'll get access to 140+ valuable recorded workshops and step-by-step workbooks. Not a bad deal for $10/month when you can cancel at any time :)

April 27 @ 7pm:  Fast, Easy, Effective and Cheap Social Media Advertising & Promotion: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube are a river of customers flowing by outside your door all the time. They are readers, film watchers,  students, consulting customers, and design buyers. Understanding how to advertise makes it much easier to connect to these customers in your city, state, nation, or worldwide. But you can spend a lot on advertising without knowing how to capture people and without knowing how to close them.  This tutorial arms you to start running effective ads for as little as $5 a day. 

April 29 @ 7pm:  How Not to Get Scammed in Hollywood or Anywhere Else:  One of the easiest ways to ensure your failure as a creative pro is to get involved with one of the millions of scammers and frauds that prey on creatives worldwide.  They steal your money, time, projects, and will to create. They exploit your trust to harm your friends, family, and creative collaborators. This event helps you master the skills and concepts required to keep you safe while arming you to continue to work as a creative pro. 

May 5 @ 7pm: How to Build a Home Media Studio for around $100: If you are an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, actor, professional advisor, consultant, teacher, the media you create is what will bring you customers, generate revenue, create new opportunities, and empower you to succeed. This event covers how spend $100-$200 what you need to create media and live events you can give away or sell to gather your audience or generate revenue.  

May 11 @ 7 pm: Bulk Audio Transcription Made Cheap and Fairly Easy: In this workshop you learn how to turn your audio recordings, videos, and podcasts in to text you can post on your website, turn into interviews and articles you sell, and stories you turn into books. If you hate to type, or create more freely when you speak, you'll find this workshop a life saver. 

May 13 @ 7pm: Facebook Group Marketing Fast & Cheap Ways to Build a Big Audience: In this workshop you learn how to very swiftly build a Facebook Group with a strong interest in you and your work. This can be a fast, friendly, cheap way to create the strong community you need to build your career and sell your work. 

You can certainly spend much more than $10/month to master these skills. And you can certainly find a training or coaching system that won't let you stop any time. 

The link to attend the workshop will be sent out to VIP/PRO MEMBERS at 5pm tomorrow. Sign up now if you want to attend at

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

PS: If you missed Monday's Fast, Easy, Effective and Cheap Social Media Advertising & Promotion workshop, you can get the video and workbook by becoming a VIP/PRO MEMBER. Here's a link to the long list of resources that come with your membership:

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