Tonight @ 7pm: Learn How Producers Get Locations, Vehicles, Big Props Free with Product Placement


Patti Pelton is an expert in product placement and she's helped indie productions and major studios save millions in production costs while giving them access to the kind of locations, vehicles, and props it would be difficult or impossible to otherwise acquire. 

Most new producers who try to do product placement for their films fail because they don't have the right elements in place before they reach out to companies who can provide the help required. They don't know what to deals to make, how to ensure things go smoothly during the shoot, and how to wrap things up so the door to the company remains open for future productions. 

Many new producers don't know how expensive it can be when people use locations, art (like posters on a set wall) and products without permission, or what the process is for getting those items cleared so they don't get sued. 

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