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Tonight @ 7pm: How to Sell Your Film & Writing Skills / Heads Up on Free Virtual Production Tech Demo


Tonight at 7pm I'll be running a workshop on how you to sell your skills as a filmmaker, writer, animator, musician, actor, editor, online. If you want to attend this workshop, sign up at or become a VIP/PRO and get this workshop and a whole bunch more.

Thursday at 7pm I'll be showing you where and how to find buyers for the film and television you produce, and how to find out what distributors are buying. We'll be discussing SVOD, AVOD, PPV, OTT and other distribution options. Sign up for that workshop at or become a VIP/PRO.

Mo-Sys Engineering manufactures the Star Tracker Studio which lets you put live actors in 3D environments created in or purchased from the Unreal Engine. They are running an in-person open house you can attend by signing up here:

IMPORTANT: I have no involvement in the Mo-Sys event at all. I'm simply planning to attend and thought you might like to hear about it as well.

How Can Virtual Production Make Producing Your Project Cheaper, Easier, Faster, and More Profitable? I've done several workshops on Virtual Production and how it dramatically cuts the cost of producing film and television content, both live action (like Avatar) and animated content (like toy story). Click the link above for a cost effective in-depth introduction to the technology. If you are planning to produce any film or TV project, you should fully understand Virtual Production Fundamentals. It can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle while dramatically increasing how much your project earns.

Questions? Email I look forward to hearing from you.

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THURSDAY! Free Face-to-Face High-Tech Studio Event / 4 Live Online Events Coming Up

Free Face-to-Face Producers Virtual Production Event Thursday at Virtual Frontier / 4 Live Online Events Coming Up

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Wednesday: Making Cartoons for Fun & Profit / Coming Up: 3D Photos of Sets, Human Voice Emulators, Finishing Screenplays Fast

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