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Tomorrow's Workshop / Details for Hypnosis Workshop Yesterday

Greetings Everyone, 

Tomorrow we have a live online workshop for new film, web series, and live event producers. When you decide to produce something, you engage in a series of tasks and take on a set of obligations. If you know what they are up front, the process of producing something profitably becomes much easier. 

If you don't understand that you have these obligations, you put yourself, your work, and the people who work with you at risk. 

This is also a perfect event to attend if you are a screenwriter, actor, or crew member who want to know what a producer should be doing. Many of us hand our scripts, performances, and labor over to "producers" who put us and our work at risk. Knowing how to determine if someone is a "real producer" can save us a lot of time and hassle. 

Sign up here to attend:

VIP MEMBERS AND PRO SUBSCRIBERS can attend free. I'll send out the link tomorrow before the event. 

About the Hypnosis Workshop

The workshop/demonstration with Mark Gasson, neuroscientist, was extremely informative. He reviewed how hypnosis works and we discussed how media induces hypnosis.  We touched on some mechanisms . . .

Mark has his own meetup specifically for the exploration of hypnosis for entertainment and other non-therapeutic purposes.  You can sign up for it here and you will learn about upcoming meetings:

If you need his direct contact information because you didn't get his card at the event, please email me at 

Best Wishes,

Nancy Fulton

PS:  You can become a pro-subscriber and attend a bunch of events free for a full year, and get access to the 140+ in-depth, practical, effective courses/workshops I've created to teach folks how to earn a living at screenwriting, producing, writing, performing, or selling their expertise. The price is going up in January, so now is a good time to sign up.

Note -- If you know someone talented who struggles to earn a good living, pro membership is not a bad holiday gift or bonus.  Because no one is born knowing how to earn a good living doing what they love

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