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This is just a quick heads up that tomorrow I'll be addressing how to very swiftly write TV and Novel bibles, and I'll be reviewing how they dramatically increase the speed with which you can write.

I'll also be addressing why producers, directors, editors and publishers need bibles, and how using the right method to create them has a dramatic impact on their ability to understand and support your work across media.

If you are working to write a series of episodes or a series of books, this will be a very valuable workshop because it will save you time while increasing the speed with which you create great content.

To sign up for this workshop and to get all the supporting workbooks, videos and other resources, go

IMPORTANT: if you are a VIP/PRO you will automatically get a link to attend the workshop tomorrow at 3pm, and a reminder at 6pm. You already have access to all supporting resources, and more than 100+ hours of media training at

To become a VIP/PRO, and get access to all online workshops and all 100+ hours of training for just $71 (~$6/month) go to

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