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TOMORROW @ 7PM: CREATING A PROFITABLE COURSE / A Quick Note on Books vs Courses for Passive Income

Greetings Everyone,

We have several live online workshops coming up. You can find them listed below. You can attend them all, and get access to 110+ recorded workshops, for $20. Sign up at

You aren't going to find more comprehensive, practical, actionable, flexible, easier-to-access, or supportive filmmaking, screenwriting, book authoring, podcasting, or "consultant training" elsewhere for less.


Most of us have skills others want. Whether it's how to play the trumpet, how to bake, how to run marathons, how to play with kids, how to costume a character, or how to build furniture.

Probably the easiest/fastest content to create is a course you can deliver online and/or face-to-face. And courses are probably the easiest content to give away in exchange for business leads or to sell for a profit. Courses usually have a higher sticker price than books, so revenue tends to ramp up fast. (50 people buying a $20 course is $1000).

Books, particularly novels, are a lower ticket product, but when you have many of them (20+) and they are written in a readable way and fit a popular genre, they can become a heavy-duty passive income (50K+ year).

When you're conveying skill-based non fiction content, courses work better than books in my opinion to produce revenue and they take less to create. How-to books twenty years ago were all the rage, now people seem to want something more personal and immediately helpful, which a good course is.

You don't really have to choose between creating courses and writing books. Once you create a course, you can deliver as a live presentation or as an online product, you can earn money from it on demand. Once you get a good book written and for sale, you don't have to put more into it except ads. You can profitably dabble in both.

Generally, I think people work far too hard on creating both courses and books.

People are busy. When they go to a course, they want to walk out knowing what they want to know. They want information and skills they can immediately apply. So your job in creating a course is literally to get quickly to the point. People also have some interest in learning only what they need to know. So figuring out how to get people exactly the information they need as fast as possible is kind of the point of creating a course. Long isn't good, slow isn't good, and "highly polished" is okay, but easy, fast, clear, will always sell better and make people happier. Also you can iterate and adjust courses, so they get better and sell better over time.

When people read books, they want the book to get to the good parts fast. So a good 60K book will often outsell a slower-paced 80K or 100K book (fiction or non-fiction). People who spend 2 years on a 200K magnum opus would likely earn more spending 2 years on four 50K books that would be easier to write. They would do even better if they could come up with ten fast-paced 50K books, which isn't that hard if you are the kind of person that has lots of stories to tell.

In the March 2 workshop, we'll dive into what makes courses sell, and how to create and sell them more easily by understanding what people are trying to buy and how much they want to spend.

To attend the workshop, sign up at at Remember, you get access to all 4 workshops and 110 recorded workshops (which have information that supports this class) for $20. Feel free to cancel after only a month if you like.

I like to provide a complete training solution, and this "everything-for-$20-a-month" strategy seems to work well for everyone.


March 2 @ 7PM: Creating an Online Course That Sells

Most of us working in the media industry have unique skills we can sell to others. Whether it’s designing a movie poster, editing a trailer, creating a pitch book, or writing a comedic screenplay, we have tools, techniques, and strategies it would help others to know. The question is, what’s the fastest, easiest, most cost effective, and easiest way to market a course so that the time you put into it actually pays off. In this workshop you learn how to swiftly launch a course that you sell or give away free as a way to get customers for your business. This is a step-by-step soup-to-nuts presentation. It will help you avoid spending too much time, money, effort to earn a good return on your investment. It will help you figure out pricing and promotion. Note, the tools in this workshop can be used to sell everything from cooking and gardening lessons, to classes in how to draw. They work for any skill you want to sell. 

March 9 Writing Sales Copy that Sells

There’s a trick to writing film blurbs, script descriptions, book blurbs, course descriptions and other sales copy so it sells your work. When you understand how easy it is to create this copy, what to say and how to say it, its much easier to earn a good living from your work. Furthermore, knowing how to write copy that sells actually helps you quickly create new media and services that sell easily and well. You know what people are looking for, why they want it, and that makes it much easier to give it to them. 

FREE March 16 @ 7PM  Enjoying a Life in Media / Paul Babin (Spielberg, Cameron, Peter Weir, Shane Black, et al)

In this interview, Paul Babin will discuss his journey from film student to leading cinematographer to producer and certified life-coach supporting entertainment industry creatives striving for both excellence and joy in their work. If you check out Paul’s IMDB credits you’ll notice he’s worked with many of the world’s most famous directors and producers on their most astonishing films, and if you visit his website you’ll see he has continued to produce content across media while achieving a masters degree in spiritual psychology and a certification as a practicing life coach. He also has a growing number of popular meditation tools many creatives use to center themselves personally, professionally, and spiritually as they strive to spend each day well. 

In this interview we’ll talk about: The realities of creative lives in the entertainment industry. Gain insights into how leading producers and directors lead their vulnerable, sensitive, brilliant teams to do their best work. What a “people pleaser” is and why they frequently fail to joyfully thrive in the industry. Insights into getting out of your own way and stepping out of your own shadow. Why the entertainment industry sometimes tolerates difficult and dangerous personalities and how that can impact your career. The possible impact of a successful career on personal relationships, physical well-being, and your mental state. Ways to fortify yourself for the work you want to do

Register in advance for the free Paul Babin live online workshop at: 

Note: The organizer, Nancy Fulton, will share your contact information with Paul Babin after the interview. Also, paid VIP/PROs will get free access to a recording of the workshop for future reference. 

March 23 @ 7PM: Getting Your Pricing Right so Your Work Sells

In this workshop you master skills that help you price your services, media, and products correctly so they sell well. You will learn how to find out what the price ought to be through negotiation, or market research, or redefining how your offering is packaged, described, or delivered. You will learn how to adjust the price to leave room for discounts, dealers, and affiliates, and why a price that’s too low is just as bad as a price that’s too high. You will learn how to identify when you have a pricing problem rather than a problem with what you are trying to sell. Failure to get pricing right can easily kill your creative business and your chance to be successful doing what you love. You may think the world doesn’t want what you’re selling, when they really hate the price you’re selling it at. 

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