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This is just a quick heads up that at 7pm on Thursdays I'll be running a workshop on how to break into the media business in 5 days. VIP/PRO members will be invited to attend free as part of their $20/month or less membership and they already have access to all resources.  They'll get the zoom invitation to attend the workshop at 4pm the day of the event and again right before the workshop begins. 

If you are not a VIP/PRO you can sign up to become one at

Note: I just posted Attorney Justin Sterling's great 1.5 hr in-depth and very important workshop on Fair Use and the Right of Publicity in the list of VIP/PRO resources. It is item #1160.  Many Authors, Screenwriters, and Producers earn more by writing about famous people living and dead and legally using the work of others to maximize the value of what they sell.  VIP/PROs will find this workshop gives them insight on how to do this and why working with an attorney on this kind of content is important and cost effective. 

APRIL 22 @ 7PM Breaking into the Media Business Profitably in 5 Days (Live Workshop)

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There's a misconception that making money in media has to be difficult, expensive, or time-consuming. In reality, there are many avenues in to Hollywood, and with the right understanding you can see new opportunities to thrive professionally and financially everyday. In this live workshop you learn how you can easily open the door to earning money in media in five days.

  • Topics addressed in the live workshop include:
  • Making media people want swiftly and cost effectively.
  • Building an audience you can bring from project to project.
  • Why mastering small easy businesses helps you do big deals
  • Why Swiftly Written Books and Video are so frequently the Best Beginning
  • Choosing when, where, and how to sell the media you create
  • Banishing your fear, uncertainty, and doubt by minimizing your risk and time-to-market (because that is what has been holding you back).
  • Why content is king in the entertainment industry and thus the heart of your success

Right after you sign up you get all these resources . . .

  • Video 5 Businesses You Can Start in 5 Days
  • Workbook 5 Businesses You Can Start in 5 Days
  • Workbook Packaging and Selling Your Expertise Profitably
  • Video Packaging & Selling Expertise
  • Video Producing a Podcast
  • Video Editing Podcast Audio with Audacity
  • Video Earning More Creating Merchandise
  • Workbook Creating Hi-Quality Merchandise For Free or Cheap to Support Your Work and Yourself as a Creative
  • Workbook Creating Social Media Posts that Build Careers & Sell Books, Screenplays, Films and Other Work
  • Video Book Funnel Book Promotion and Sales
  • Workbook Selling Books and Audio Books with Book Funnel
  • Workbook Pro Self Publishing
  • Publishing Highly Interactive Books on Amazon in about an Hour
  • Workbook Publishing a Book on Amazon in about Two Hours
  • Video Publishing Books on Multiple Bookstores via Smashwords
  • Workbook Working with an Artist to Create a Custom Cover
  • Video Creating Custom Book Covers with an Artists Help
  • Video Email Marketing Effectively
  • Using Email and Mailing Lists to Effectively Market Your Work
  • Video Swiftly Creating Photorealistic and Artistic Illustrations and Storyboards with Free 3D Software and Filters

As a creative professional who wants to earn a living from your work, knowing how to create, package, give away and sell merchandise is a critical skill. It allows you to sidestep waiting for others to handle these tasks and gives you more creative control over how you and your work are represented. It also gives you the ability to accurately evaluate costs and timelines when and if people want to license your work in the months an years to come. The services covered in this set of resources are low-or-no-startup-cost solutions that let you earn money doing what you love for a living.


Email I look forward to hearing from you. If you are not perfectly happy with your purchase within 24 hours of order, please email me for a full refund.

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