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Thursday @ 7pm: What Networks Want to Buy, What Distributors Are Buying & How to Sell Your Film & TV


Thursday @ 7pm you can get a whole lot of help finding buyers for the Film and TV you want to create. You'll learn how to find out what the TV Network are active shopping for, where to find out what's actually selling, what individual distributors are buying, and even ways to become a distributor yourself if you like. Sign up:

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Producing is a business and to earn a living, and be allowed to make film and TV for a living, you have to learn how to sell what you make.

Knowing how to find buyers doesn't just help you after a film or TV show is made. It helps you before as well, because when you find legitimate buyer you can get funding from them, from banks and/or from investors.

You'll unlearn a lot of myths by attending this workshop. You'll learn how to find factual information, and useful resources, that make selling your work more like shopping for a car than parting the seven seas. You'll discover why buyers buy what they buy, and how to play to your strengths. What kind of deals you can get, and why the kind of deal you get matters.

If you're a screenwriter, you need to understand distribution, because ultimately your scripts have to become media that buyers will buy. You need factual information about what works and what doesn't, what audiences actually like, and what it turns out they hate. Your career, and your freedom to write for a living, has everything to do with understanding where you fit into the media making world.

Are kid shows more profitable and easier to sell than adult shows? Does Sci-Fi sell better than drama? Can good documentaries pay better than made up mysteries? Is true crime really all it's cracked to be? Where does Reality TV fit in? Who buys the kind of film and TV you want to write?

This is probably one of the most interesting and fun workshops I've done because it focuses on what most of us care the most about, how to make media and make a good living.

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If you are planning on shooting with Unreal Engine and Virtual Production in the foreseeable future, there's a free face-to-face event you can attend by signing up using the link below. I'm not running the event, but I'll be attending on Thursday. Don't forget to bring a mask.

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