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Thursday @ 7pm: How to Make a Zoom Movie Profitably / Save Now :)

Greetings :)

This is just a quick heads up that Thursday at 7pm I will be doing a workshop on how to produce a Movie on Zoom profitably. 

Now is a great time to move your career forward as a producer, screenwriter, or performer by producing great projects using zoom to record performances on  both computer and phones. 

Zoom lets you show people inside or outside, alone or with others, day or night, etc. You have a lot of control over the screen. You can show one person or twenty, and if you film actors on green screen you can put anyone, anything, and anywhere behind them. Using artful editing and some cool cost effective equipment you can incorporate action shots. Your actors can be walking, driving, climbing . . .

Sign up to attend this How to Make a Zoom Movie Profitably workshop now and you'll save at

Learn how to create the script, get the cast, and shoot the film. Find out about cost effective tools and techniques that will bump the value and Wow factor of your project considerably. Learn several ways to sell your work cost effectively. 

Note, if you are a VIP/PRO member, you don't have to sign up using the link. You automatically get access to all the live online workshops free, and you get access to all the recorded workshops and videos at free as well.  To become a VIP/PRO member sign up at

Tip: As an actor, writer, or producer, it's great to be able to keep your career on track. It's nice to be able to determine when you work, what roles you play on a project, and how much you earn. This is a good time to move forward on your work because the appetite for film and video is high, and many folks are out of work. Seize the day :) 

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton


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