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THURSDAY @ 7PM: How to Cast Actors for Your Indie Projects Quickly and Cost Effectively (Film, TV, Podcast, etc)


In this Thursday's 7PM event you learn how to cast union and non-union actors in your projects very quickly and cost effectively.

The tools and techniques outlined in his particular workshop work on both union and non-union projects. They'll work best for short films, sizzle reels, pilot pitches, and micro-budget feature films. They will also work well for podcasts, audiobooks, audio dramas, and the voice performances for animated projects. I used the techniques in this workshop to cast and shoot a short film in under three weeks.

Being able to cast and shoot great media with actors is critical because it allows you to create meaningful credits quickly. It lets you show people your work, win awards for your work, and gain the experience and connections you need to do great work going forward.  All of these things are critical to creating an opportunity to produce more and more valuable content going forward. 

If your are tired of waiting to write, direct, and/or produce, you'll find this workshop very valuable. What never works in building a career is "waiting to work".  If you aren't currently working on a project for someone else, it's smart to be producing something cost effectively and profitably on your own. 

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Topics addressed in this workshop:

  • Hiring actors for indie shorts, features, zoom movies, web series, animated characters, audiobooks, etc.

  • How to put out a breakdown of the roles you want to hire actors for, including how to write roles actors want to play.

  • How to create sides for the actors to help them understand the roles you want them to play and to allow them to audition.

  • Where to release your breakdowns and how to address payment.

  • The key differences and requirements of hiring for union and non-union projects including what you have to do differently.

In-depth resources that come free with this workshop include:

  • Hiring Cast and Crew Legally Video (1 Hour)

  • Contract Fundaments featuring Attorney Justin Sterling Video (1 Hour)

  • Making Film Budgets (1 Hour)

  • Copyright & Work-for-Hire Fundamentals featuring Attorney Paul S Levine (1 Hour)

If you you want to start hiring actors to play roles in your projects so you can produce and distribute them, or sell them to others, this is an important workshop to attend.

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Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

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