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THURS @ 7PM How to Cast/Hire Actors in Days without a Casting Director / Send $30 Press Releases


On Thursday Sep 30 @ 7PM I will be running a workshop that covers How to Cast and Hire Actors in Days without a Casting Director. This is the perfect workshops for you if you are producing low budget indie films, short films, podcasts, audiobooks, online ads, commercials, sizzle reels, etc.  Sign up for this workshop at

On Thursday Oct 7 @ 7pm I will be Interviewing Podcaster Bruce Wawrzyniak whose Now Hear This Podcast is in the Top 2% of Podcasts Worldwide. He will discuss how to make your podcast popular, how it can be a critical marketing platform for you, and how to get books on podcasts. Sign up for this workshop here:

On Thursday Oct 14 @ 7pm I will be interviewing Gary W. Goldstein, producer of Pretty Woman whose projects have generated $1B in box office revenues. He'll be discussing Critical Career Advice for New Film & TV Producers.  If the pandemic, collapse of theatrical release, and likely upcoming IATSE strike have you wondering if, when, how, and what to produce, this will be an important event for you. Sign up for this workshop here


Finally, I have a lot of workshops that address marketing tools and techniques. None are more powerful or cost effective than running press releases for the films you release, the books you publish, the TV shows you appear in, the events you run, etc. 

When you send out press releases, make sure to put your name, and your company name, and the the product name in the title of the release.  For example "THE DEVILS ODE directed by JOHN SMITH released by XYZ Productions on Amazon" is a good press release title. Make sure that the text in the press release is written like news and has links to your website and wherever your produce or media can be found. 

You can release press releases that get picked up by as many at 300+ high authority news sites like Market Watch, Google News, and a huge number of Fox News, NBC, and CBS News Affiliates for $30. When people Google your name, your company name, your product name, often your press release will be the first thing they see, and Google will also be more likely to bring up the pages you've linked to in the press release as well. Press releases a key way to build your marketing.  Normally high value press releases that get picked up by 300+ affiliates cost $99-$250 to send.  

I use this Fiverr service at the moment to sent out my press releases because their pricing and effectiveness have been amazing. Make sure you select the Premium option for the widest possible distribution:

Here's a link all the places google found the last press release I ran:

If you have trouble writing press releases, email me for help.

A quick note, that Fiverr link above is an affiliate link to a provider on Fivver that I actually use all the time. If you click that link and buy a press release I don't know how much I earn, but theoretically it is something. I'm going to be doing an event on how media producers (video, text, and audio) are funded via affiliate links soon. I'll be doing another on using affiliate programs to sell media. This is part of my research :) 


I have several other workshops I'll be announcing soon.  Remember that the best way to get the best price on all the workshops I do is to become a VIP/PRO for $71 a year. You get access to all the online workshops I run and the whole library of past workshops  at as well. To become a VIP/PRO sign up at


Email I look forward to being of service. 

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

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