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Some Quick Facebook Advertising Tips / Next Wednesday Workshop on Timing Ads


Facebook is a huge river of people flowing right past your door every day. Their ads let you reach in to the river and pull people out to become your customers (if you have something to sell) or your fans (if you're going to have something to sell someday).

If you know how to run Facebook Ads you can always give yourself work.

But, if you've experimented just a bit with Facebook ads, you've probably decided they don't work for you. Most people ditch facebook after spending $50-$500 and getting nothing at all back.

In preparation for our Wednesday workshop on how to make Facebook run ads at the right time, I wanted to review some tips/insights that will help you figure out how to make Facebook Ads do what you want them to do.

TIP #1: You need a Facebook Page to run ads. A facebook page is kind of a Facebook version of your website. That's where you can list the things you want to sell, videos you want people to watch, and articles/stories you want people to read. You can have as many Facebook Pages as you like (so if you can create one for your books, another for your films, and a third for your work as a screenwriter). They can be very simple. Ads can work great even if no one ever visits your page. Here's a link that talks about how to create them:

TIP #2: Start by spending $2-$5 per day. The easiest way to run ads is to post something on your page and click the Boost button. You can then target people by where they live, their age, their interests, where they work, what groups they are members of, and the names of competing products or services. Example: You are a writer who does standup comedy in Santa Monica so you boost a 30 second video of yourself performing. In the text area of the post, you provide a link to your website where you let people get an ebook or info on where you'll be appearing live in return for their email address. Then you click Boost and target Los Angeles and use as your keywords the name of similar comics and/or comedy clubs here in Los Angeles. Boosted posts are shown to people who have watched those comics, or followed those comedy clubs. Note: if you have a comedy book, video, or podcast people can buy, you don't have to limit your location to Los Angeles.

Tip #3: Wait for the Machine Learning to work. Facebook has artificial intelligence (or really artificial intelligences) that determine where and where your ad is shown (on Facebook, on Instagram, on other sites, etc). It watches for when people click, and then it looks at who those people are and it tries to show the ad to more people like them. So a low cost, long running ad works better and costs less than forcing Facebook to show $200 in ads in 2 days.

Tip #4: Run ads that do more and work better using the Facebook Campaign Manager. Boosted posts are cool for letting you experiment with targeting options. If you run images or videos as boosted posts, and you see any kind of response (email sign ups, etc) then you've started to find your audience on Facebook which is a very good thing. The Facebook Campaign Manager is much more sophisticated. For example, you can set up a campaign, set up the targeting and the budget in the ad set, then create ten ads. Facebook will run the ten ads and figure out which performs best in terms of clicks earned.

Tip #5: Give people a way to give you their email address so that once you've successfully reached them, you don't have to pay Facebook to get to them ever again. Driving people to your website where you have a link to a free product they can download on Gumroad (one of the best and most cost effective mailing list tools on the market) or a landing page you create using Mailer Lite or another mailing list manager is smart because it lets you start a relationship with people who like your work. In the old days it made sense to get people into a Facebook Group or Page because they would automatically get links to what you post, but that's less true now and Facebook can take the page or group away at any time. Note: In some cases I do run ads directly to products I want people to buy (a link to all my books on Amazon) because the books are free or cheap and the books have links to my website where people can sign up for things.

I have a bunch of workshops that address many of the topics in this email in some depth, like Building a High Value Mailing List with Gumroad, Using Mailing Lists to Effectively Market Your Work, Social Media Posts that Sell You and Your Work (and Related Topics).

If you want to attend next Wednesday's workshop on how to time Facebook Ads so they show at specific times of day to specify types of people, and you want to get access to all those videos listed above, and more than a hundred more, just sign up at

For $20/month, or less, you get full access to all live workshops and all videos online. You can also email me questions about anything covered, or ask for help climbing over stumbling blocks that have tumbled into your way. I provide training and support this way because I understand most creative pros do multiple things (write, produce, craft) and they need the right training at the right time to move forward.

Best Wishes,

Nancy Fulton


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