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Next Tuesday: Marketing Workshop, Networking Event, Tacos $5


Next week we are meeting at Cabo Cantina for a media marketing workshop and networking event. The cost to attend is just $5 if you register online (or you can pay $10 at the door) plus + the price of whatever food/drink you decide to buy another $12 or so).  Tuesday is all you can eat Taco Day, so this event is a good way to mix lunch, networking, and learning how to move your work forward.  There's easy public parking at lots all around the location. Space is Limited 

To sign up now go to

About Getting Paid . . .

One of the challenges of working in the entertainment industry is getting paid for the work you do. Every creative pro working in Hollywood is an entrepreneur. We do more deals in a year than most people do in a lifetime. And we often deliver our work in advance of full payment (screenwriters write screenplays, actors deliver performances, etc.) 

We have some resources that cover how to make sure you actually do get paid. You can get them by becoming a pro-subscriber (currently just $60/year or $20/month).  To get all the resources below, and 130+ more videos and workbooks, sign up at

1450 Video: Avoiding Development Hell

Development hell sounds like a joke, but it's a very much a nightmare for writers, line producers who create budgets, etc. Development happens before a project is funded, and it is the process by which a producer gathers up all the information and funding they need to do a project.  This process can easily tie up a screenplay for years so the screenwriter can't sell it to anyone else. And often, when that happens, the project never gets made at all. Line producers can waste many weeks creating multiple budgets for no reason. Actors can sign onto projects and have their name used all around town and get nothing for it. 

1500 Video: Getting Paid on Back End Deals

Here in Hollywood, lots of producers ask team members to work for low-end wages up front in return for a big payoff when a project goes into distribution, with bonuses if it makes specific milestones.  Do you want to make sure get paid?  You need to understand how investors insure they get paid so you can get paid the same way.  This resources covers collection account management deals. 

2750 Video: How to Build a Hollywood Industry Business Network

Most jobs in Hollywood are never advertised. Producers don't usually run ads looking for screenwriters, line producers, or camera pros. Most casting happens behind the scenes, and most film scores are created by composers the producer happens to know. Thriving in Hollywood happens when you are "connected" and respected. In this video you learn how to build a Hollywood Business Network. It is easier than you think.  If you literally hate to network, you'll find this resource solves a lot of problems for you. It shows you how to comfortably meet people that move your career forward. 

3600 Interview: Persuading Investors with Film Analytics featuring Bruce Nash of 

How do you know if your film is going to make money? How do you persuade investors to make a film with you? Film Analytics from a reputable company gives you the information you need to know quickly, and provides you with the persuasive documentation you need in order to raise money, get distribution, and attach the right talent.  

Becoming a Pro-Subscriber gives you access to 130+ in-depth workbooks and videos and other great benefits.  You can sign up currently for $20/month or $60/year go to

Questions? Just email  I look forward to hearing from you :)

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