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New Workshop: Critical Entertainment Tax Law Fundamentals with Danny Sioni for 2020 (live online workshop)


I've added a new live onine workshop to our schedule. It covers Critical Entertainment Tax Law Fundamentals for 2020 and features Danny Sioni ( who handles tax preparation for many enteratinment industry pros, including producers, actors, writers, etc. 

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About This Workshop

Trump's tax law changes, and more changes made to California tax law this year, will have a major impact on creatives in 2020.  For example, Producers can no longer rely on the Section 181 tax deduction. There is another deduction they can rely on, and in some ways it is better, but the terms of the deduction are substantially different and the requirements are harder to meet. Also, California has new rules that cover employment including contractors. They impact, among others, actors who have loan out companies. If you are crowdfunding projects, getting grants, setting up a new company this year or next, this is an important event to attend because there may be steps you have to take before December 31 in order maximize your deductions in 2020. 

Tip: If you are building a film and you want to have it funded by investors, you need to work with a tax adviser who understands all the rules that govern this kind of investment as you build your business plan and pitch.

More Workshops Coming Up

4 Strategies for Funding Projects Large or Small (Face-to-Face in West LA) We'll be meeting for this workshop in a private room at a West LA Coffee Shop. This workshop will sell out because space is limited and it comes with a bunch of in-depth resources you can start reviewing right away.

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Getting Grants to Make a Documentary with Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Michael Singh (Live Online Workshop) coming up fast as well. Michael won IDA’s Kodak Award, presented annually to the filmmaker who has raised the most funds for his/her project. In addition to being a prolific documentary filmmaker he consults with documentary producers who need help building and funding their projects. Note, Pro Subscribers can attend free. 

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Other Resources 

If you become a pro-subscriber, you may want to check out some of the following resources that come free with your membership: 

  • 3150 Video: Negotiating and Closing a Deal
    Great if you don't know how to go from a pitch into a sale.
  • 3200 Video: Getting Hired in Hollywood
    Handy if you really struggle to get work in the industry
  • 3250 Video: Pitch Decks & Leave Behind Documents
    What documents you should create to leave behind after your pitch
  • 3300 Video: Dealing with Difficult People in Business Situations
    How to handle the kinds of difficult people in the industry that destroy projects and damage careers. 
  • 3350 Video: How to Pitch & Sell in Hollywood
    How to actually pitch a deal including reaching who you should be pitching.
  • Workbook: Renting Locations For Film & Documentary Production
    Where to quickly and cheaply get great locations.

  • Workbook: Making a Film or Web Series with Friends as Partners
    How to safely produce with those you love.

  • Workbook: How to Create Query Letters that Create Deals
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  • AudioBook & Podcast Production & Live Event Production
    Podcasts, audiobooks, and audio dramas are a fast, easy, and cheap way to get meaningful credits for your work as a writer, actor, and producer.

  • What else do you get?

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