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NEW WORKSHOP! Attorney Asa Pitt: Creative Rights Agreements and the Impact of Divorce


This is just a quick heads up that I've added a new workshop to the schedule. You can find full details below. We currently have 5 Live Online Workshops coming up. You can attend any or all these workshops by signing up at

  • March 30 @ 7PM Podcast Wide Release on Amazon, Apple, Spotify, etc.
    Want to break into the industry as a writer, director, or producer fast? Podcasts are the way to go. Demonstrate your skills, get free distribution worldwide, build an audience fast. Podcasts are are easy to produce, cheap to launch, and a smart way to seriously raise your profile.
  • April 6 @ 7PM: (Significant) Hollywood Disasters and (Important) Lessons Learned
    Learn how dreams can become nightmares quickly here in tinsel town. This is a particularly important event for you if you're working on indie productions, or starting to produce on your worn.
  • April 13 @ 7PM: Using Custom Fonts Legally to Create Better Movie Posters, Book Covers, Pitches, etc.
    Fonts are key to making book covers, movie posters, trailers, and other content pack a punch.
  • April 20 @ 7PM How to Buy and Use Special FX in Videos, Films, and Animations
    Special FX are now something you can buy easily. Use them to make your films, sizzle reels, social media marketing videos, etc. look amazing.
  • April 27 @ 7PM Attorney Asa Pitt: Creative Rights Agreements and the Impact of Divorce
    This is a critical event to attend if you are contemplating a divorce, have been divorced, or have/plan to have a co-writer, producing partner going forward, etc.

You can attend any or all these workshops for $20 by signing up at You will also get access to 100+ recorded workshops covering everything from how to fund your film, to how to profitably publish your work, to how to launch your podcast, or sell your expertise. We have many insightful and informative interviews with legal pros addressing copyright law, work for hire law, contract law, etc.

April 27 @ 7PM Attorney Asa Pitt: Creative Rights Agreements and the Impact of Divorce

 In this workshop we’ll be addressing the importance of ownership of your screenplays, films, videos, designs and other intellectual property and how those rights can be impacted by a divorce. This is a critical workshop for anyone considering working creatively with a partner. This workshop is especially critical if you are married.

Asa Pitt is CEO and Founder of the Pitt APC law firm. Pitt APC is a boutique entertainment law firm that works with some of the biggest groups in entertainment, including the likes of Amazon and CAA. Asa specializes in working with up and coming artists and brands to ensure that their rights are protected across. Pitt APC recently closed working as production counsel on the independent film, The Mattachine Family where Asa handled all agreements on behalf of the production company (talent, crew, locations, vendors, rights, investments, etc.). In addition to his entertainment clientele, Asa is constantly mediating divorce settlement agreements where he functions as a neutral third party, guiding negotiations between spouses towards an amicable divorce settlement. Asa studied Entertainment Law at the Chapman School of Law and previously worked in business and legal affairs at United Talent Agency.

To learn more about Asa’s work visit and You may want to check out his article on Collaboration and Co-Writer Agreements at

Topics addressed in this workshop include:

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Divorce
  • Who Controls Intellectual Property When Partners Work Without an Agreement
  • Creative Partnership Agreements and Why They Are Critical
  • Copyright Law and Estate Planning Considerations
  • The Role of Mediation in Creative Partnership Disputes and Divorce

If you have questions about this workshop, email  If you would like to schedule a free consultation with Asa, email


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