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New Workshop Added: Producing Film & TV With Unreal Engine featuring Darnell Williams, Producer & Virtual Production Supervisor

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This is just a quick heads up that I'll be interviewing an exceptional producer / virtual production supervisor with extensive experience producing film and television content using the Unreal Engine. IF you are currently thinking of producing a film, and want to save a lot of money, a lot of time, and reduce your risk of getting cancelled by Covid, this is an important workshop to attend.  

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ABOUT Producing Film & TV With Unreal Engine

In this live online interview you meet Darnell Williams, a Producer and Virtual Production Supervisor, who works with the Unreal Engine to place live actors on 3D Sets for film and television. 

Darnell, founder of Elektrashock Studios (, is an expert in virtual production and motion capture technology. You've seen his work on TED (working with Seth McFarlane to animate the TED), and he's worked for Digital Domain, Walt Disney Imagineering, Nvidia, MTV, Sony Pictures, Square, etc. He's worked with producers at every budget level to develop, budget, and produce motion picture and television media.

Darnell's background in Maya, Unreal Engine, MotionBuilder, Zbrush, Cryengine, Unity 3D, RealFlow, C++, Python, MoSys, NCAM, ARRI, BlackMagic, and a wide range of face and body motion capture systems, along with his experience managing indie-production and FX teams working nationwide, make him the go-to production partner for many producers. Darnell is a strong concept artist and illustrator which ensures what production teams and studios envision is what ends up on screen.

Tip: Unreal Engine is a high speed, free, 3D gaming platform used by hundreds of millions worldwide. Film and television producers at Disney, Warner Bros, Sony and independent productions around the world are using the Unreal Engine to dramatically cut production costs while increasing production value. You can place live actors inside Unreal Engine 3D environments. You can shoot special FX in real time (explosions, fires, laser blasts, gunfire) on set rather than in post production. And you can put live actors and 3D digital characters (like Baby Yoda on the Mandolorian) in the same scene with live actors in real time. Producers can shoot photorealistic film and TV or animated series (Zootopia) for a fraction of the cost of shooting on real world sets.

In this informative workshop Darnell will address:

  • What producers need to know about how Unreal Engine Virtual Production can reduce production costs, increase production speed, and increase production value.
  • How a Virtual Production Supervisor works with producers at the script stage to build the budgets that let them fund their projects.
  • Why production using Virtual Production makes a production safer for cast and crew.
  • How he works with producers with a script to build a virtual production budget and shooting schedule, and to create sizzle reels they can use to pitch film and TV projects.
  • How he works with producers to build virtual production environments, green screen, LED screen, and hybrid solutions.

If you have a film project you are currently working to budget, fund, and shoot, this is is a very important workshop to attend. The insight and information you acquire in this event can make your film and TV project easier, faster, and cheaper to shoot. It can also make your project significantly easier to fund.

If you have questions about this workshop, please email Note, if you sign up for this workshop your email address will be provided to the speaker for follow up questions and to invite you to the Elektrashock studio in Venice for a live demo when you have a project you'd like to discuss.

Full Disclosure: Nancy Fulton is a writer/producer actively working with Darnell Williams.

Questions? Email I look forward to hearing from you :)

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