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New Coffee Shop Funding Workshop & Grant Workshop

Greetings Everyone,

Sign up now to attend the face-to-face meetup 4 Strategies for Funding Projects Large or Small in West LA. We'll be meeting in a private room at a West LA Coffee Shop.  This workshop will sell out because space is limited and it comes with a bunch of in-depth resources you can start reviewing right away.

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Remember we have Getting Grants to Make a Documentary with Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Michael Singh coming up fast as well. Michael won IDA’s Kodak Award, presented annually to the filmmaker who has raised the most funds for his/her project. In addition to being a prolific documentary filmmaker he consults with documentary producers who need help building and funding their projects. 

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Remember, you can get affordable practical, comprehensive, in-depth support and training in building your creative career by becoming a pro-subscriber:

Here's a link to our long list of pro subcriber videos and workbooks:

Some interesting resources . . . 

  • Interview: Preparing for AFM with Producer Ilyssa Goodman
  • Interview: Pitching & Selling your Screenplay with Attorney Dinah Perez
  • Interview: Organized Crime featuring Expert Author Christian Cipollini
  • Interview: Sales Agent & Executive Producer Ron Cobert Sunscope Entertainment
  • Interview: Stunts for Indie Films featuring Brett Solomano with Lecture Notes
  • Video: How to Pitch & Sell in Hollywood
  • Video: Dealing with Difficult People in Hollywood
  • Video: Games People Play Easy & Effective Scene & Plot Ideas for Writers & Producers based on Transactional Analysis

Questions? Feeling stuck? Email for help. I look forward to hearing from you :)

Nancy Fulton

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LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: "Stealing Visibility" to Make Projects More Valuable / Price Increase

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