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Must Writers & Filmmakers Advertise? / Wednesday Workshop on Running Facebook Ads by the Hour


If you want to attend next Wednesday's workshop on how to time Facebook Ads so they show at specific times of day to specify types of people sign up for $20/Month or less at

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Do Writers, Screenwriters & Filmmakers Have to Advertise?

As creatives, we all make deals with ourselves. I'll write books if I can create them on computer, but I'm not writing them out longhand. I'll make movies if I don't have to shoot them on film. I'll write screenplays, but I'm going to write them in Final Draft not Microsoft Word.

We all draw the line at things we will NOT to support our career.

For many creatives, advertising is just something they can't bring themselves to do. If they can't be discovered like Lana Turner in Schwab's Drugstore in Hollywood, they aren't interested in making media.

And they will do things that are a lot harder and more expensive instead.

For example, if you are a comedy writer that does standup, going to an open mic might introduce you to 60 or a hundred people at best, and you'll spend a lot of hours doing it. Recording one good monologue might take you a couple of hours, and putting it out as a Facebook Reel or Tik Tok, might introduce you to hundreds. If you make your monologue an ad, you can spend $10 and show it to hundreds AND it can have links to your website where people can buy your books, learn about your screenwriting, or attend your performances.

Filmmakers need an audience to make sure their movies make money, and they'll get more money from investors and more interest from distributors if they have a fan base. They can get one more easily by advertising than by making short films and hoping they win film festivals.

Authors who want to sell books have to advertise unless they have a publisher who advertises for them. But if authors have a publisher, that guy is getting almost all the revenue generated by the book. Independent authors are earning 50K+ a year (sometimes 200K+ a year) if they have a bunch of books and know how to advertise.

Advertising isn't hard and it does make sense. It's not a good place to "draw the line" at what you won't do to earn a living.

In this workshop ,you'll master skills that help you advertise more effectively. You can sign up for it by becoming a VIP/PRO at

If you hate memberships, you can buy videos I've done on social media marketing for $5 or so each at but you'll spend less money and get a lot more if you just become a VIP/PRO for $20/month or less here.

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