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Monday Workshop on Documentary Grants / Thursday Workshop on Project Funding


This is just a quick heads up that we have two events coming up next week.  If you haven't signed up for them, you can use the links below to do so. 

Nov 4: Getting Grants to Make a Documentary with Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Michael Singh (Live Online Workshop) will help you learn how to find the support you need to make your film. Sign up here for $5:

Note, Pro-Subscribers and VIP Members can attend free. They will receive live link information on Sunday night. If you want to become a Pro Subscriber so you get access to 130+ workbooks/workshops, sign up at:

Here's a link to what pro-subscribers get:

Nov 7: 4 Strategies for Funding Projects Large or Small (Face-to-Face Workshop in West LA) We’ll be meeting to discuss 4 Ways to fund your project including raising money from accredited investors, raising money from non-accredited investors, accepting tax-deductible donations, and crowdfunding (including how to make this process actually work). The location will be in a private room in a West LA Coffee Shop. This workshop will sell out because space is limited and it comes with a bunch of in-depth videos and workbooks you can start reviewing right away. Sign up here for $5:

Pro Subscribers and VIP Members already have access to all the videos and workbooks that go with this event.

Additional Relevant Resources 

  • 2600 Video: How to Write a Business Plan and Pitch Deck
  • 6700 Workbook: Writing a Business Plan & Creating a Pitch Deck
  • 1010 Video: Packaging & Selling Your Expertise
  • 5095 Workbook Packaging and Selling Expertise
  • 1250 Video: Doing Due Diligence So You Don't Get Scammed
  • 6100 Workbook: Due Diligence The Art & Science of Not Getting Scammed

You can get all these resources, and 130+ more, by becoming a pro-subscriber for $20/month or $60/year at

Individual resources can be purchased at but becoming a pro subscriber will save you a lot of money.

Questions, please email If you are struggling or feel stuck feel free to email me as well. I enjoy being of service. 

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

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