MAY 20 @ 7PM Big Budget Feature Film Strategies for Savvy Producers ($500K-$5M) Live Workshop


This is just a quick heads up that our next live workshop is on producing the kind of big budget films that require you to accept bank loans and/or investor funding.  You can find full details below. 

Tip: At the bottom of the page you'll find a bonus link to 40+ free books. If you want to make high cost / high value movies and you don't have a script or project in hand, it pays to know a lot of up and coming book authors. There's a reason why big producers buy books and turn them into scripts rather than buying spec scripts. It allows them to get the story they want while working with the screenwriter they like. Also, good independent authors often have developed large fan bases which means you have thousands of people who want to see your film as soon as it's done. If you are a screenwriter, you can earn a lot more from your work by learning how to write novels, how to turn unproduced screenplays into books, and how to build a large fan base. 

Many filmmakers aspire to be high value independent film producers, but the risks in producing this kind of content are formidable. When "development" is done correctly, it helps ensure a project will be a profitable investment of time and money. When production, post production, and distribution are handled correctly, it can give an indie filmmaker a very lucrative career for a lifetime.

This Live Workshop helps you understand the processes involved in producing films in this budget level, the risks involved and how to reduce them, the methods skilled producers use to attach the right cast and crew to their projects, and how producers acquire distribution before, during, and after production. It explores bank and investor funding options, and helps you understand the legal and financial help you need to build your projects.

Topics addressed include:

  • Development: What it is and why it's critical to ensuring your film isn't a dangerous waste of time and money.
  • Funding: Where money for projects at these budget levels comes from, including where to find investors and what you need to know about incentives.
  • Attaching the Right Cast & Crew: Why these choices can't be guess work and how to get the advice and metrics you need to make the right decisions.
  • Accounting, Legal Support, Insurance, Unions: Getting the help you need to reduce your risk and maximize the value of your project.
  • Distribution: The wild west of Film Distribution, and why pre-sales are a necessity as your budget level climbs.

This workshop comes with:

  • An Invitation to the May 20 @ 7pm Zoom Workshop
  • Big Budget Feature Producer Plan and Checklist 500K - 5M
  • Video: How to Use Film Analytics to Persuade Investors featuring Bruce Nash of
  • Video: Hiring Bankable Cast and Crew using Bankability Analysis featuring Bruce Nash
  • Video/Workbook: Making Back End Deals with Investors, Writers, Key Cast and Crew using CAM Accounts
  • Video: How to Quickly Reach Film Investors with Jason Scoggins the COO of
  • Video/Workbook: Raising Money from Investors using Regulation CF
  • Video: RightsTrade Interview Selling Your Film in 170+ Countries
  • Video: Castifi: How to Hire Cast and Crew Legally Nationwide
  • Video: Contract Fundamentals Video with Attorney Justin Sterling
  • Video Video/Workbook Avoiding Litigation with Attorney Justin Sterling
  • Video: Video Fair Use and the Right of Publicity Justin Sterling
  • Video Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals
  • Video: Understanding Screenplay Coverage with
  • Video: Interview with Line Producer Interview with Christina Jo Leigh Line Producer
  • Workbook: Distribution via Aggregators vs Traditional Distributors
  • Video: Creating Film Distribution Deliverables with Barbara Javitz
  • Video: Film and TV Pre-sales Rene Leda Producers Rep Netminds Media Group
  • Video: Bank Funding for Film and TV with Adrian Ward
  • Video: How to Sell at Film Markets with Ilyssa Goodman
  • Video: Jeff Hardy Film and Episodic Analytics and Marketing Analysis
  • Video: How to Find an Audience for Film and TV Projects Media Marketing before Production Ash Greyson
  • Video/Workbook: Doing Due Diligence and Not Getting Scammed
  • Video/Workbook: Virtual Production Nuts Bolts and Costs - Shooting on 3D Sets
  • Video/Workbook: Green Screen Fundamentals
  • Video/Workbook: Avoiding Development Hell
  • Video/Workbook: Making a Film or Web Series with Friends as Partners
  • After the event, an edited version of the recorded workshop will be added to your library of resources.

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