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Dec 2 @ 7PM Sizzle Reel Secrets and Expensive Mistakes

Sometimes making a sizzle reel for your project helps it race forward into full funding and production. Sometimes a sizzle reel is a colossal waste of time and an expensive mistake. This workshop reviews the properties of successful sizzle reels, how you can swiftly produce sizzle reels when they make sense, and what to do when they aren’t a good idea. Find out when a short film, a $10K feature film, a documentary, a reading, or a book really is a better investment of your time. 

Dec 7 @ 7PM Read a Script Like a Producer

Writing a script producers want to buy is much easier when you know how producers read screenplays. Find out how producers calculate costs, assess your ability to tell a story, and guess the financial value of your story , all while reading the first few pages of your screenplay.  Find out how they vet you along with your project, and learn how to make you and your project more attractive to them without spending a lot of time or money. 

Dec 14 @ 7PM Actual Places to Pitch and Sell Your Screenplay

Lots of fuss is made about how to pitch a screenplay. It’s talked about all the time. This workshop tells you where to find legitimate producers you can pitch your projects to. Producers looking for content actively look for content that meets their needs. They do accept queries via specific producer-friendly portals as well. Learn where producers look for projects when they want to buy, and learn how to make you and your project stand out.

Dec 16 @ 7PM Building a High-Value Mailing List Passively

Whether you are selling movies, books, or skills, the heart of your marketing probably has to be a mailing list.  Producers who stumble across a short you’ve written can’t be expected to remember you a year later when they have a feature they want to produce. Someone who loves your work as a designer, composer, cinematographer, or director isn’t going to automatically remember you when they start work on their next project.  You have to make a connection. You have to keep it alive. That’s what a good mailing list does. And you can set up one or more mailing lists to quietly, passively, gently and inexpensively collect opportunities for you, if you follow the steps in this workshop.

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