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LAST CHANCE! Tonight at 7PM Learn How to Create and Sell Fabulous Books Fast


In tonight's workshop we will be talking about how to turn a PDF file into an attractive and interactive book you can sell on Amazon in a couple of hours.  You can sign up for this workshop at or if you are a VIP/PRO you'll automatically receive the link to attend. 

Why do you care about this workshop?

  • You will learn how to use to quickly create very pretty kids books, novellas, guides, cookbooks, comic books, graphic novels, etc. This makes writing a book take hours or days not weeks, months, or years.  Canva features hundreds of images you can incorporate into your work. You can add video, sound, and links to your book as well. 
  • You will learn how to turn these books into products you can sell on Amazon using free software provided by Amazon. The process takes minutes. 
  • You will learn how to make your books for sale on Amazon using  That process also takes minutes. You book will be available for purchase in under 24 hours in most cases. You can add your book to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program so you will earn revenue anytime anyone reads even a few pages of the book. You can amend and upgrade your book to make it ever better over time.
  • You will learn how to promote your book on Amazon and using other tools, and you will learn the rules your book has to obey if you want to sell it through the Amazon bookstore.

You care about this workshop because it means you can very swiftly create and publish very cool books. 

Whether you are an author, screenwriter, producer, or someone selling expertise that is important. 

Because books generate revenue and books (especially uniquely pretty and interesting ones) build an audience. If you are producing, or writing screenplays you want to see produced, having a paying audience in your pocket is proof your work makes money. If you are selling expertise, books give you a new way to find customers who want to work with you. 

This is an important event to attend and you can sign up at or you can become a VIP/PRO at

VIP/PRO members automatically get invited to all live online events, have access to 200+ workbooks and 1hr+ training videos covering publishing, producing, and selling your expertise profitably. The price for membership is going up, so it's a good time to join as a VIP/PRO.

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Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

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