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LAST CHANCE! TONIGHT @ 7PM: Vetting, Editing, and Finalizing a Screenplay Fast (So You Don't Kill Your Career in Infinite Edit Mode)


TONIGHT @ 7PM LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: Swiftly Vetting, Editing & Finalizing a New Screenplay Prior to Pitching It (Sign Up for this workshop for $24 and get 3 months of live workshops and 200+ hours of video training HERE)

About the Workshop:

One of the worst things that can happen to a screenwriter is to get stuck in infinite edit mode. Reworking a screenplay 400x doesn't make it better, it just wastes your time and makes it impossible for you to become a working screenwriter.

After all, a professional screenwriters have a hard time making a living if they churn out just one spec screenplay a year.

They need to be able to write screenplays quickly, and they need to know for sure that producers will like them before they ship them out.

In this workshop, we review how to confirm your screenplay has a great collection of characters and good plot, that actors like it, that audiences like it, and how to ensure there are no errors in spelling, grammar, and format that will turn people off. This process takes a month rather than a year, and gives you the confidence required to pitch your screenplay because you know, for a fact, that it’s good. 

If you are looking for fast/easy ways to write better and faster, check out these workshops:


JUNE 1 @ 7PM Creating Voices using Digital Voice Creators and Emulators (Included with Tonight's Workshop)

In this workshop, you lean how to create and buy digital voices you can use to read books, use in cartoons, and create voice over. If you are a producer, these tools can save you a great deal of time and money in production. They can also make it easier for you to localize your projects into multiple languages quickly (English, French, Italian, etc). It will help screenwriters create virtual table reads that help them hear their words before they submit their work for producers. 

And for Actors, these tools can help them create a digital version of character voices they can license and sell. This can help them earn more money. Imagine being able to create a voice that people pay you a license fee to use for years to come. You create the character, determine how it speaks, then your avatar goes to work generating revenue for you. Companies are hiring actors to create digital voices for a wide variety of purposes these days. This workshop will give you insight into how these tools work and how they are created. 

JUNE 8 @ 7PM Buying Computers for Much Less & Renting/Running High Speed Virtual Computers Online for Under $1/ Hour (Included in Tonight's Workshop)

You can’t work in as a creative professional without having a computer. Sometimes, when you are producing an animated project, or a virtual production film or series with digital sets and backgrounds, you need one or a dozen very high-powered computers to get the job done. In this workshop, you learn some ways to buy and rent PC’s, Mac’s, very quickly and cost effectively.  You will find this a very important workshop if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your computer and/or you need access to high-power, high-speed computers for yourself and your team for under $1 an hour. You may find this workshop an absolute lifesaver the next time your computer breaks, or the next time you need a very expensive computer pennies on the dollar. 

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To attend my workshops, you sign up as a VIP/PRO and you get all live online workshops and all 120+ recorded workshops as part of your membership. Full details are at and the cost is $24/3 months. I have hundreds of happy members and have been running events since 2015.

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LAST CHANCE! TONIGHT @ 7PM: Learn How to Make Your Books, Films, & Pitches Instantly More Valuable

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LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: "Stealing Visibility" to Make Projects More Valuable / Price Increase

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