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LAST CHANCE! Tonight @ 7PM Learn How to Create & Share Interactive 360 Photos of the Environments in Your Film, TV Series, or Book


Tonight at 7pm I'll be teaching you to create and share 360 Images of the environment in your films, TV series, and books. Want to see what that looks like?

Check out:

In this workshop, you learn how to:

  • Buy 360 images of environments
  • Buy cameras that can take 360 images of sets and practical locations
  • Create 360 images of photorealistic locations in DAZ (space stations, pirate ships, NY apartments)
  • Post 360 images on social media sites and your website.
  • Post 360 images on your website.
  • Turn 360 images into Videos you can post anywhere.

You will find this useful if you need to swiftly communicate your creative to investors, producers, distributors, production partners, audiences, readers, etc. If you plan to use Virtual Production to shoot your film or television projects on 3D sets, this will be a very useful workshop.

To sign up for this workshop, sign up at for $24. You'll get 3 Months of live workshops and more than 120+ recorded workshops for producers, screenwriters, book authors, and others who sell their creative expertise.


What live events do we have coming up?

Check out the current list of upcoming events going into June here. We add new ones all the time.

Where are all the videos located?

You can find them here.

What if I have questions about something in a live workshop or video, or need help finding a solution I need?


Best Wishes :)

Nancy Fulton


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