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LAST CHANCE! TONIGHT @ 7PM / Buying Computers Cheap + Renting Remote High Speed Virtual Machines On Demand


Tonight's workshop represents a challenge to promote :) I'm running it because, for most creatives, the death of their computer is a financial disaster. If they haven't backed up their work and/or can't get a new box cheap, it's a serious career blow.

But telling people how to buy computers fast and cheap and how to back up their work doesn't sound riveting. Then again, neither does clean water or safe food . . .

Also, I'll be talking about how to rent remote high speed computer onlines for doing things like Unreal Engine and DAZ. If you want to shoot your film on digital sets, being able to log into and use a high-speed computer elsewhere on the internet is a high value thing.

You'll be sitting at your computer, and you'll be using at $15K computer elsewhere, and paying under a $1 an hour to do so. Knowing that you can do that can save you a lot of money, because you don't have to buy the fastest computer on the block every time you buy a computer. Also, when you have to buy computers for editors and others to work on, you can give them good machines you control.

Anyway, if you want to learn that stuff, tonight's the night. I'll be sending out the Zoom links to VIP/Pros twice. Once in just a few minutes, and once at 6pm.

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  • JUNE 8 @ 7PM Buying Computers for Much Less & Renting/Running High Speed Virtual Computers Online for Under $1/ Hour

    Solve your computer problems once and for all.
  • JUNE 15 @ 7PM Stealing Visibility: How to Make Your Books, Screenplay, Films, & TV Projects Instantly More Valuable

    Learn how to put "name talent" in your projects without paying for it.
  • JUNE 22: Effective Marketing & PR Through Commentary and Criticism (Video Posted / No Live Event)

    Learn how to you can find a paying audience for your own creative work by talking about the work of others.
  • JUNE 29 @ 7PM: Selling Vacation Footage: Making Time Off Pay (Video Posted / No Live Event)

    If you travel, and you want to earn revenue from going places you love to go, you'll find this workshop interesting.
  • JULY 6 @ 7PM: Fundamentals of Overseas Production Incentives (Video Posted / No Live Event)

    If you want to make movies overseas, you need to get a handle on the rebate programs that will cover 40% of your budget or more worldwide. There's a reason people shoot overseas.


Remember that you can always email me at I look forward to hearing from you and to being of service to you going forward.

Best Wishes!

Nancy Fulton


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Video Posted: "Stealing Visibility" : How to Make Your Books, Screenplays, Films, etc. Instantly More Valuable

LAST CHANCE! TONIGHT @ 7PM: Learn How to Make Your Books, Films, & Pitches Instantly More Valuable

LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: Titanic, Snow White & JFK - Learn How to Make Your Projects More Valuable

LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: "Stealing Visibility" to Make Projects More Valuable / Price Increase

Video Posted for Last Nights Workshop on Buying Computers Cheap and Remote-Renting High Speed Computers for under $1/hr

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