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LAST CHANCE! Tonight @ 7PM Adding Special FX to Videos, Social Media Posts, and Websites Quickly & Cheaply


Authors, Producers, Screenwriters, Performers, Creatives that Sell Their Expertise, have to be able to surprise and delight. After all, we're selling our ability to communicate. In tonight's workshop, I'll review ways you can, for free or cheap:

  • Add special effects to your video trailers, pitches, micro-budget documentaries and films so they communicate more clearly, attractively, and with greater emotional impact.
  • Create social media posts with eye-catching animated elements that make people click to watch, then click to connect or buy.
  • Create unique elements for your website that convey story, location, and character in a way that brings them to life for your visitors.

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  • May 11 @ 7PM PST Quickly / Cheaply Creating Professional Cartoons in Adobe Character Animator
  • May 18 @ 7PM PST Swiftly Rendering Interactive Tours of Virtual Worlds with Free Software

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Nancy Fulton

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