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LAST CHANCE to Sign up for Wednesday How to Run a Zoom Online Meeting Workshop

Greetings Everyone!

Remember your creative work can't stop because you are stuck at home. Now is a good time to be . . .

  • Writing your story, screenplay, novel, memoir, non-fiction book
  • Planning & budgeting your feature film, documentary film, or TV production
  • Launching and promoting your podcast
  • Running online events like screenplay readings, classes, seminars
  • Publishing your book on Amazon and elsewhere
  • Selling your work to other folks who also will be spending a lot more time online

If you want to get help doing any or all these things, become a VIP/PRO for $10/month. You can cancel any time. Click this link to get full details:

Upcoming Live Online Workshops

If these links don't work in your email app, find some that do at

  • Mar 18 @ 7PM: How to Run Live Interactive Meetings Large and Small for Free or Cheap Online Workshop Full details:
    Business is moving online and Zoom.US is the most widely used video conferencing tool. If you want to learn how to use it, sign up for this workshop. This event is about to sell out. 
  • Mar 23 @ 7PM: How to Launch & Produce a Podcast Profitably Online Workshop Full details:
    Now is a great time to launch a podcast. This event teaches you everything you know to launch your podcast swiftly and for next to nothing, and it also covers promotion . . .
  • Mar 25 @ 7PM: How to Run Live Interactive Meetings Large and Small for Free or Cheap Online Workshop
    This a repeat of the March 18 event for those who need to learn how to run Zoom Meetings so they can keep working during the coronavirus break. 
  • Mar 30 @ 7PM: How to Run Live Online Classes, Performances for Audiences 100 to 5000 Live Online Workshop Full details:
    You can run live online events, classes, readings, performances for hundreds or thousands online. This is a great way to keep your career moving under lockdown.
  • Apr 6 @ 7PM: Packaging, Promoting & Selling Your Expert Skills Profitably Online Workshop  Full details:
    If you sell and deliver your skills and expertise face, you can learn how to package, promote, and sell them online as well. This event is a soup-to-nuts overview of how to build an online consulting, training, coaching, writing, performing practice. 

Tip: VIP/Pro Members can attend all the above live workshops free. To learn more about becoming a VIP/PRO go to

Note, for those who want to have 1-to-1 training in these or other topics, email I know some folks can't wait for the events, and that others have special business requirements the events don't address. 

In-depth Help for Filmmakers, Writers

The following resources are designed to help people who just want to learn how to produce films and books profitably. 

  • FILMMAKERS FAST PASS: Are you a filmmaker looking for step-by-step instructions for developing, funding, producing, and getting distribution for films at every budget level? Get the answers you need immediately at
  • PRO-SELF PUBLISHING FAST PASS: Master a whole set of skills you need if you want to make your living as a professional self published writer. Note that many authors earn 5 and 6 figure incomes from writing without having to work with publishers. This is how they do it. Get the solutions you need now:

Save Money & Get Everything for $10/month

My VIP/PRO MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM delivers 200+ hours of professional expert instruction in videos/workbooks and access to all online events. Click the link at the bottom of this email to get the VIP/PRO catalog. 

The cost is just $10/month and you can cancel at any time. Sign up at

QUESTIONS? Email I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Wishes,

Nancy Fulton


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