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Last Chance: Producing a Zoom Movie w Special FX / More Free Workshops


In 2015 I supported ~2000 producers in a single meetup and was running workshops every 3 months. These days I support 50,000+ producers, authors, screenwriters, actors and experts-selling-services and I'm running workshops almost every week. Sometimes more than once a week. I also have dozens of expert videos that provide in-depth, on-demand, training to the amazing creatives I support. They feature lawyers, producers, bank executives, investment experts, etc . . .

It hit me today that the reason "doing what you love" works is that you can happily do it obsessively. I really love helping people do exactly the kind of creative work they want to do exactly when they want to do it. Every time one of you tells me some workshop has helped you shoot a film, or publish a book, or sell a script, or find an agent, or publish a book, I feel triumphant. 

You are literally the heroes in my work.

I love writing fiction. It is fun to write about people who never existed. But nothing is better than helping you excellent and intrepid creators do amazing things here in the world we live in.


Thursday at 7pm, I'm doing a workshop on How to Produce a Profitable Zoom Movie. Now, I know you're thinking you hate Zoom and there is no way to make a good or cool movie on that platform. Let me prove you (respectfully) very wrong.  

You're seeing Zoom as a little window on your computer screen. Really it's a huge room with doors that open onto any person, any experience, anywhere in the world. People don't have to be sitting at desks in a zoom window. One guy can be in a war zone, another can be sliding down a ski slope, and yet another can be dialing in from a space station. Zoom is actually getting used to plot crimes, plot rescue missions, extort people, and hold weddings and funerals. Those little screens are windows on worlds.

Zoom movies are very easy to make, easy to cast, very cost effective to shoot, can incorporate special FX and very cool footage. They are all story, all acting talent, and they show how powerful, cool and connected we are. They also show how powerless, divided, and mortal we are. They can show the future and the past (time travel anyone?).

We'll talk about easy/fast casting, script writing, incorporating big experiences cheaply, camera technology (which will surprise you), zoom options (you didn't know existed), and methods for shooting fast and easy.  We will talk about ways to sell your work. When costs are very low, the ability to make a profit is very high.  That's what good producers know.  The cost of creating a thing does not determine what it sells for. Paranormal Activities cost $14K to make all in. It earned hundreds of millions at the box office. Story, character, talent, determine value . . . 

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I ran a workshop with Linda M. Wright last week. She's a screenwriter, ghostwriter, script consultant and producer who helps people do Family Friendly TV and Film projects. You can get the workshop free today with this link. If you have previously created an account on the video site, you'll get instant access. If not you'll create an account to get her workshop and the two supporting videos on copyright, work-for-hire, and contract law for creatives. 

Get the Linda Wright Ghostwriter workshop here:

I've made several workshops on the new videos site entirely free for a while. 

How to Sell Without Fear Workshop (Watch Now Free)

If you hate to pitch, hate to sell, hate to negotiate and it's really holding your creative career back, this very popular workshops will be an absolute life changer.  The vast majority of creative people are great at sales, but no one is born knowing how to sell. This gives you the answers you need. No signup of any kind required. Watch now at


Just as a reminder, you can find all the recorded workshops available to support you at at


Just email  I look forward to answering questions about any workshop, or helping you find a resource that covers a particular topic you might be struggling with. If I have a quick answer to any creative business question, I'll happily share it. And if I don't have an answer, I probably know some one who does :)

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