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LAST CHANCE! LIVE WORKSHOP TONIGHT @ 7PM : 10 Ways to Gain Greater Visibility for You and Your Work


This is just a quick heads up that tonight at 7pm we will be talking about how to gain greater attention for yourself and your work.

Doing this is absolutely critical if you want to earn a good living doing the work you love with people you like. People can't fall in love with you, decide to buy your media, choose to collaborate with you, or hire you to work with them if they have never heard of you. In many cases, the single problem a creative has is simply lack of visibility. You can't be "discovered" if you can't be found. In this workshop you learn easy, cheap, and friendly ways to raise your profile.

To attend this workshop and get the workbook, sign up for $20 at

When you do, you'll get tonight's live event and workbook and you'll get several more live events and workbooks as well. You will also get access to 100% of the 115+ videos at Ever wondered how film funding works? Ever wanted step-by-step instructions for publishing a book or producing a podcast? Need help getting paid more and faster? We have recorded workshops and workbooks that cover that.

You can sign up for a full year of workshops for $91 if you prefer. That gives you 40+ workshops a year and more videos every week. Remember, if you have questions about any topic I cover, or need some outside insight on climbing over a stumbling block, I'm always available at My objective is to give you the support you need to earn more doing the work you love most.

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VIP/PROS will be getting a reminder that has the zoom link to tonight's event shortly :)

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