LAST CHANCE! LIVE Designing Movie Posters and Book Covers that Sell Your Work For You


In the June 17 @ 7pm Movie Poster and Book Cover Design and Testing Fundamentals Workshop you will master the skills you need to create, design, test, buy, and use movie posters and books covers to sell your creative work effectively. You can sign up to attend this workshop at:

I have added a bunch of additional supporting videos and workbooks to the workshop. You need them if you are a writer or producer striving to sell your work more effectively. 

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About This Workshop

Every movie and book is sold using a poster or cover because art triggers people to stop and look. In that 16th of a second after you have captured their attention, people try to assess if what they are looking at is something they need or want. It's only when the art stops them that they take the time required to dive deeper.

A great cover or poster creates an "itch" in the right people that only deeper investigation, and then a purchase, can satisfy.

For producers who are seeking to get a project funded, a poster is the proof that you can communicate visually. Films live and die based upon the quality of images. If you can't come up with a poster that makes an investor, distributer, or fans want more, it's easy for people to wonder how you are going to come up with a whole film that sells well.

For authors, a book cover demonstrates you know what your audience wants. Your image choice, your font choice, your color choices, and your framing tell people more about what's inside your book than the blurb on the back.

This workshop will address:

  • How posters and book covers arrest the eye and how they make promises to people.
  • Why the right poster or book cover presented to the right people, makes their purchase virtually assured (unless your text or availability screw things up).
  • Specific design elements that have a big impact on how well your work grabs the eye.
  • How to use images to sell emotions and ideas.
  • Understanding what your poster or book cover must look like by discovering your audience and analyzing your competitors.
  • Why you should build and test a poster or cover before a project is finished (or even begun).
  • How to test posters and covers quickly and cost effectively, an how to choose the very best one.
  • Software and tools you can use to create your own posters and book covers quickly.
  • Services you can use to create art for your projects on demand.
  • Why it's important to ensure you own the artwork you use to promote your books and films.

Right after you sign up, click VIEW PRODUCT in the confirmation email to get each of these 90 minute videos and supporting link-filled workbooks. 

  • A PDF with the link to the Zoom Workshop
  • Video Using Free Software to Create Artistic Illustrations and Storyboards
  • Workbook Rendering 3D Characters and Environments Swiftly and Artistically for Illustrations and Storyboards
  • Video Using Free 3D Software to Design Characters in 3D Studio
  • Video Using Free 3D Software to Animated Characters in 3D Studio
  • Workbook Creating, Posing, Rendering 3D Characters for Book Covers, Posters, and Animations
  • Video Creating Custom Book Covers with an Artists Help
  • Video Publishing a Book on Amazon in about 2 Hours
  • Video Publishing a Highly Interactive Book on Amazon in About an Hour
  • Workbook Amazon Book Publishing Fundamentals
  • Workbook Publishing Your Book on iBook, Nook, Scribd, Smashwords and Other Platforms
  • Video Bookfunnel Marketing
  • Workbook Bookfunnel Marketing
  • Within 48 Hours of the Live Workshop, a recording of the workshop will be added to this set of resources for future reference.

This is the perfect workshop for you if you are working as a indie producer or a self-published author. It delivers practical skills that save you time, money, and frustration for years to come. You can only do what you love for a living if you can find a way to get paid. 

If you have questions about this workshop, email

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

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