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Last Chance! Film (and TV) Distribution Solutions Workshop / New Workshops


Tonight I'm doing the last event for the Big Budget Film Workshop. We are covering distribution, including some new services that make it much easier to sell your film and tv projects worldwide. We'll also be talking about how to get pre-sales with minimum guarantees that you can take to banks to get funding. 

This is your last chance to sign up for the Big Budget Film Workshop for $35. The price will be going up to $100 on Friday at midnight. This deep-dive workshop covers how to develop, fund, produce, and distribute feature films from $500K to $5M and covers strategies and tools producers use to raise money from investors, get funding from banks, get accurate budgets and shooting schedules, get a director and name talent on board, etc.  It includes 20+ videos and workbooks, and it features industry expert addressing film analytics, financial forecasts, film distribution options, production, etc. You can see all the resources and signup here

If you are a producer, screenwriter, director, performer, or someone who wants to sell a book to Hollywood, this workshop is critical. It helps producers build projects. It helps others know when people calling themselves producers are legitimate and doing business in a fashion likely to result in a safely, legally, profitably produced film. It helps you understand where the money comes from, how you can make yourself and your work more valuable to producers, and which corners simply can't be cut. 

2 Upcoming Free Workshops

Leading entertainment attorney Paul S. Levine will be joining us for two workshops covering topics critical for producers, screenwriters, authors, and anyone with an important story they want to sell to Hollywood. 

What you don't know can really hurt you when it comes to these topics, and this is true for anyone buying, selling, or licensing intellectual property. That includes pretty much everyone reading this email . . .

These workshops are free to attend live, and thus likely to fill up. Sign up now at 

Learn more about Attorney Paul S. Levine at

NOTE: If you are a VIP/PRO you will automatically receive an invitation to the Paul Levine workshops on the day of the event. You don't need to sign up using the links below. 

Thank You VIP/PROs . . . 

If you are a VIP/PRO you can attend all live online workshops free, get access to 200+ in-depth training videos and workbooks with more added all the time, and get deeply discounted access to face-to-face workshops when I run them.  

You get those benefits because you help me run more workshops every month and because your questions help me figure out what topics we need to cover and what experts would be great to have speak.  

I'm shocked and humbled by the awards you've won (Emmy's Peabody's, etc) and the projects you're working on. As things heat up, I look forward to helping you dive into doing even more :) 

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

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