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We have 3 workshops coming up, and two are happening Sunday and Monday. If you have any problem with these links, go to

Mar 29 @ 5PM: How to Run Live Interactive Meetings Large and Small for Free or Cheap Online Workshop

This workshop teaches you how to run Zoom meetings which are great for production meetings, writers meetings, designer meetings, social events, critique groups, networking groups, religious services, family events, etc.You can also use Zoom to produce podcasts and viral videos you use to sell or deliver your projects and events. Everyone is doing Zoom these days. It's how everyone in Hollywood is moving forward on their projects now that we can't meet in person. So you are at a serious disadvantage if you don't know how to run Zoom meetings. 

Note: If you are a VIP/PRO member (which costs $10/month and can be canceled at any time) you can attend this event for free, but you have to email me. Space is very limited because in this event you actually get to share your screen and do all the other things you do when you host a meeting. 

Mar 30 @ 7PM: How to Run Live Online Classes, Performances for Audiences 100 to 5000 Live Online Workshop Full details:

Zoom webinars can be used to run events for thousands. This matters because it lets producers basically broadcast live television shows, lets theater producers and film producers, do public readings of screenplays for dozens or hundreds of people, lets instructors teach live classes for dozens or hundreds of people. Unlike Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars provide you with tools for handling an audience AND charging people who attend events. Seriously . . . this is a very important event for producers.

Vip/Pro members will automatically be invited to this event at no charge at least 4 hours before the event. 

Apr 6 @ 7PM: Packaging, Promoting & Selling Your Expert Skills Profitably Online Workshop Full details: 

We are all trapped at home. We all need to keep working. We all have great skills. You can't sell your skills (teaching, producing, consulting, creating) if you haven't created descriptions of the services you are selling or put a price on them or put them somewhere people can buy them. 

If you are a very talented or highly skilled person and you simply can't figure out how to make money . . . this is the problem. Learn how to start selling your expertise in this event. 

Vip/Pro members will automatically be invited to this event at no charge at least 4 hours before the event. 

FINALLY $10/month . . . 

For $10/month you can become a VIP/Pro member. And you can attend a whole bunch of online events free, and you can get dozens of workshops and workbooks free. There's no reason not to sign up. You can cancel at any time. Make the most of your time at home by picking up the skills you need to 

  • Become a successful self-publishing writer
  • Become a producer who knows how to package, fund, and sell projects
  • Become a professional podcaster
  • etc

Get full details here:

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

Video Posted: "Stealing Visibility" : How to Make Your Books, Screenplays, Films, etc. Instantly More Valuable

LAST CHANCE! TONIGHT @ 7PM: Learn How to Make Your Books, Films, & Pitches Instantly More Valuable

LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: Titanic, Snow White & JFK - Learn How to Make Your Projects More Valuable

LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOP: "Stealing Visibility" to Make Projects More Valuable / Price Increase

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