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Last Chance! 7PM Tonight Swiftly Changing Your State of Mind So You Can Work Creatively


We have 4 workshops scheduled and more coming up. VIP/PRO members automatically get invited to them all, and get fully access to the every-growing list of recorded workshops (90+ videos and 60+ associated workbooks and other resources). Become a VIP/PRO at


Creative professionals (producers, authors, screenwriters, performers, artists, etc.) have to be able to function creatively on a high level on demand. Producers have to be able to pivot projects, authors have to be able to recover from bad book launches, screenwriters have to get back on track when they lose projects, and actors have to get back to auditioning when they lose roles.  We must be able to get ourselves back to a functional, resilient, forward-moving creative state of mind in order to survive and thrive. 

Our work requires us to be ready, willing, and able to generate work, create and seize opportunities, to collaborate effectively.  There are a set of skills you can master that help you swiftly get into the state of mind you need to function. This workshop covers them . . . Sign up to attend this workshop at


Aug 26 @ 7pm Swiftly Changing Your State of Mind So You Can Work Creatively Online Workshop teaches swift exercises and skills that help you get on track, or back on track, as a creative professional when you have to pivot or change plans. (Sign up:

Aug 31 @ 7pm Practical Course in How to Start a Work From Home Business with Live Online Workshop and lots of supporting resources. (Sign Up:

Sept 9 @ 7pm: Producing Film & TV With Unreal Engine featuring Darnell Williams, Producer & Virtual Production Supervisor (Sign up:

Sep 23 @ 7PM RoadMapWriters Mentoring, Notes, 1-to-1 Support from Leading Hollywood & Publishing Insiders (Sign up:


You can find on demand training created to help creative pros achieve a lot of important objectives at Below you'll find some of our most popular resources. 

Learn How to Sell Without Fear

If you are going to earn a good living as a creative pro, you need to understand how to sell yourself and your work comfortably. It's not a hard skill to master, and this free workshop covers what you need to learn.

Stanislavski's Method for Writers

What does the most famous and innovative acting instructor have to offer writers? Quite a bit when it comes to character design and development. Learn what actors learn about how to breathe life into the characters in your books and screenplays.

Creating Fabulous Documents Fast

Sick of paying others to make your flyers, resumes, ebooks, social media ads, book covers, et. al. beautiful? Find out how to create fabulous documents fast using tools that make beautiful documents easy to create.

Hiring Bankable Cast and Crew featuring Bruce Nash of

This is a must-have workshop for people working to build projects that require financial support from investors, banks, and distributors. Learn how to hire people who demonstrably make your projects more likely to succeed, and find out how you can prove every dime you invest in them pays off big time.

Tiny Budget Film Strategies for Frugal Producers

If you want to produce a microbudget film and want some very specific advice on how to build and produce it cost effectively, you'll find this recorded workshop and workbook very handy. It helps you leverage what small productions can do that big productions can't.


If you have any questions about these resources, or need help signing into them, please email I look forward to being of service. 

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Nancy Fulton

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