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Tonight's 7PM workshop is for you if . . . 

  • You are a screenwriter seeking to sell scripts to producers and you want 1-to-1 mentoring, support, pitch practice, and other support from Hollywood Studio Pros, Indie Producers, Agents, and Managers, this is a good event to attend.

  • You are an author with books you want to sell to publisher, and you want 1-to-1 help from editors, agents, managers, and authors who work for royalty-paying publishers. 

To attend this workshop, sign up at

IMPORTANT: If you are a VIP/PRO you just received the zoom link to attend tonights workshops via email a couple of minutes ago. VIP/PRO members get access to all online workshops ~50+ per year and access to all the videos and workbooks at  If you are a VIP/PRO and didn't get the zoom link, please email me at If you want to become a VIP/PRO sign up at  A full year of access costs $71.

More Resources for Writers and Screenwriters

We have a lot of resources for writers and screenwriters you might find interesting. 

Writing Faster & Better using Genre, Tropes, Plot Factories, etc. 

Learn why understanding Genre and Tropes is critical to earning a lot from your book authoring and screenwriting, and find a set of tools that make it much easier to slide past writers block and come up with good story lines.

Writing Better with Grammar and Writing Analysis Applications

Time is money for writers. Being able to write a good book faster translates to being able to write more books. Many writers are hamstrung by the fact that they don't feel they use grammar and punctuation correctly. This uncertainty slows down their writing a great deal.  Also, when they send their book to editors the changes they have to make are extensive.  There are very cost effective tools that can help you swiftly get your first draft closer to your final draft, and as a byproduct the can help you learn how to write better.

Transactional Analysis Primer - Games People Play for Writers, Directors, and Producers

This has, somewhat oddly, been one of my most popular workshops.  Transactional Analysis, made famous as a therapeutic method by Psychologist Eric Berne in his exceptional book "Games People Play", is a panacea for writers and screenwriters looking for interesting stories and interpersonal dynamics to build books and screenplays around. If you really struggle with sub-text in your work, or have a really hard time creating emotionally engaging interpersonal conflict, you will love this workshop. You will learn how most people really do play "games", some of them very toxic, and how they often learn those before they can talk.  Many writers draw from psychology and psychoanalytics to create better stories. If that's something you haven't done, you will really enjoy this primer.

Turning a Screenplay into a Book

Every screenwriter has books living under their bed or on their computer that they know won't sell. That intellectual property, those characters, those stories, have economic value.  Learn how to make them book so you can publish them swiftly, for free, on Amazon and promote them on to build your fan base.  A fan base makes a screenwriter much more interesting to producers.  Your fans will often be the first folks who want to watch a film or TV series that's produced from one of your scripts.

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

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