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Just Posted! The Video & Workbook for Last Nights Workshop / List of Upcoming Live Workshops


This is just a quick note to let you know I've posted the link to last night's workshop on the video site.

As creative professionals, many things can derail us. A change to the world we work in, a change to what we are physically capable of doing for a living, a change to what we want to do for a living, a change in the people we need to support, etc. The video and workbook contain specific, painless, relatively easy to apply suggestions that can help you get back to work, and some insight into why great leaps forward often come after creatives work through these periods of "lying fallow".

You can find the workshop on recovering from creative paralysis here:

It's the first video in the list. Remember, if you click the Resources tab you can get the workbook which has all the text and links you'll see in the slides. You can watch or listen to the video on your computer or phone.

If you are a VIP/PRO you already have full and free access to everything on the video site. If you just want to just this video and workbook, you can get it for $5.

If you want to become a VIP/PRO so you get access to all 110+ videos + workbooks and the upcoming live workshops below, just sign up at


Jan 25 @ 7PM PST: Amazon Kindle Select: Selling Thousands of Pages a Day Profitably

In this workshop we’ll review Kindle Select and how to use it to sell your books profitably. This program is being used by independent writers worldwide to earn many thousands of dollars a month. In this workshop we’ll discuss how to get your books into the free program, and how to use its very unique features to maximize the sale of your work by page. We’ll discuss how Kindle Select works with Amazon Unlimited, how you get paid, and whether or not it’s worth agreeing to exclusivity terms for your ebooks. You will learn about promotional options, and how to exit the program on a book by book basis if you decide you want to “go wide” with some or all of your work. If you are a writer writing books, a screenwriter who can turn scripts into books, or a producer who wants to earn more from your movies before and after production, this is an important workshop to attend. 

Feb 2 @ 7PM Strategies for Producing Profitably in 2022

Producing film, television, and other media has always involved risk and expense. Successful producers command the lions share of the long term profit for their projects because they take on those expenses, navigate those risks, and generate those profits. As a producer creating content this year, it pays to consider ways to reduce risk, reduce expenses, and maximize the probability of profit. In this workshop we’ll review some strategies, sites, tools, and resources indie producers can use to move their projects forward this year. Note, we have recorded workshops that cover in-depth development, funding, production, distribution, and marketing of media free to VIP/PRO members at 

Feb 9 @ 7PM: Using Perma-Free Books on Amazon to Sell You and Your Work

In this workshop you learn how to use permanently free books on Amazon to sell your books, services, and other media. This is an important way to create market the products and services you sell using an infrastructure that serves hundreds of millions of people actively buying solutions every day. You will learn how to format and publish a book on amazon, and how to make it available for free on the Amazon platform.  You will learn how to promote the book using a variety of book promotion platforms that specialize in cost effectively promoting free books. Whether you are using a book to promote a film or series you are making, or one you want to make, or services you provide, you will find this an interesting workshop to attend. 

Questions? Just email I look forward to hearing from you.

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