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How to Launch & Produce a Podcast Profitably / Producing Plays Cheaply / Tax Workshop


Just a quick reminder on our upcoming $5 workshops. 

  • Nov 19: Media Marketing Strategies Workshop in Santa Monica on the 3rd Street Promenade. This is an important workshop to attend if you are creating Short Films, Documentary Films, Feature Films, or Web Series. Sign up here:
  • Nov 25: Critical Entertainment Tax Law Fundamentals for 2020 and features Danny Sioni (Live Online Workshop) handles tax preparation for many enteratinment industry pros, including producers, actors, writers, etc. In this workshould they will be addressing some of the massive changes new Federal and State tax laws will have on creatives. This is a very important event to sign up for if you are raising money from investors to support your film or tv project, are hiring people as contractors, are hired as a contractor frequently, or use a loan out company to sell your services. Sign up here:

The following recorded workshops are $10 today only.

Remember you can get all of them, access to many live online workshops including Nov 19, and another 130 videos and workbooks by becoming a Pro Subscriber at 

How to Launch & Produce a Podcast Profitably (Recorded Workshop)

Trying to break into the film industry as a writer/screenwriter or director by demonstrating your ability to create rivieting narratives? Want to sell more of your books? This workshop teaches you what you need to know.

This workshop comes with 

  • Video: Producing a Podcast Video 2019
  • Workbook: Producing a Podcast 2019
  • Video: Audacity Audio Editing for Podcasts 2019
  • Workbook: Audacity Editing Guide for New Podcast Producers 2019
  • Video: Hiring Actors and Others Legally with Castifi 2019
  • Video: Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals
  • Workbook: Intellectual Property Right Fundamentals

Tip: Want to launch an unlimited number of podcasts for a single fee? Check out

Producing Plays and Other Theatrical Events to Earn More as a Writer, Director, Producer or Performer (Recorded Workshop)

This in-depth recorded workshop helps writers, screenwriters, and playrights earn more from their work. It includeds the following videos and workbooks:

  • Video: Fundamentals of Writing and Producing Stage Plays Profitably
  • Workbook: Fundamentals of Profitable Stage Play Writing for Writers & Screenwriters
  • Video: Renting Locations For Film & Documentary Production, AudioBook & Podcast Production & Live Event Production
  • Lecture Notes Renting Locations For Film & Documentary Production, AudioBook & Podcast Production & Live Event Production 

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Questions? Please feel free to reach out at I look forward to being of service :)

Nancy Fulton

PS:  It's OK to share this email with anyone or any group you like so they can take advantage of today's discounts or attend the workshops with you.

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