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Heads Up: Virtual Production Event in Venice on Oct 29 / Face to Face Events


This is just a quick heads up that Mo-Sys Engineering, leaders in Virtual Production Technology, will be running demos in their new sandbox in Venice on October 29 & 30. You can sign up to attend this event at

NOTE: I have no involvement in the event, I'm just planning to attend.

Virtual Production allows you to film your live actors on 3D Sets with spectacular special FX in real time. You shoot your Film or TV project in real time without spending months in post production. To get a solid grounding in how Virtual Production can dramatically reduce your budget while making your film much more valuable, check out:

We do have several events coming up including one on Thursday:

  • Oct 21: Changing Landscape of Film Distribution Workshop featuring Jeff Hardy Film Analytics Expert from FilmProfit, Rene Leda Producers Rep, and Ray Ellingsen Producer discuss the changing landscape of film distribution and how filmmakers sell movies and make money given the contraction in theatrical release and the explosive growth in streaming platforms. Signup:

  • Oct 25: Oct 25 @ 7pm: How to Sell Your Writing, Editing & Analytical Skills on Fivver as a Beta Reader: Sign up: This is a perfect workshop for you if you want to learn how to sell any service as a reader, writer, producer, performer, or expert on Fiverr profitably.

  • Oct 28: Finding Buyers for the Film and Episodic TV / Video You Create (OTT, SVOD, AVOD, Broadcast, etc) Signup: In this workshop you discover a variety of ways to find and research buyers who are looking for the kind of content you produce, and you discover the difference between buyers and the kind of deals they want to do.

Remember that VIP/PROs get access to all the live online workshops, videos, workbooks, I provide, as well as 1-to-1 answers to their questions. Get everything for $71/year (that's just $6/month):

A QUICK NOTE ON VIDEOS: If you check out the videos on you'll find they cover the skills you need to produce, publish, and podcast profitably. The training is designed to ensure you have the skills to protect yourself and your work as you do the deals you need to do in order to earn a good living from your work.

Best Wishes,

Nancy Fulton

PS: Are you ready for live face-to-face events to start again? I put them on hold for the pandemic and I'm considering starting them up again. What kind of meetings would you feel comfortable attending? Classroom meetings with lectures, happy hour meetings where you can network freely, or lunch meetings where you get to know a few people well?

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