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Heads Up: That Zoom Movie I Made is Out / Next Week: Help for Writers Seeking Hollywood Insider Mentors


A couple of weeks ago I did a workshop on producing Zoom Movies very quickly and cost effectively. Next week I'm doing a workshop casting via You can see the short film I produced using Zoom and Backstage now. I just posted it on I'm contemplating doing some longer projects on Zoom, so this "prototype" let me work out some interesting technical details.

Want to make your own zoom movies very quickly and cost effectively using union and non-union talent from Check out and sign up for the Backstage workshop here: 

The easiest way to get great credits and acquire the body fans that prove to the world your work is amazing is to start producing projects that build an audience.  ]]

It's smart to produce your own projects while looking for opportunities to sell your screenplay, seeking work as an actor for other producers, and seeking great directing gigs.  You need to be visible to be "discovered". When no one can see your work, it's pretty hard for them to fall in love with the wonderful things you can do. 


On Sept 23 @ 7PM I will be interviewing Roadmap Writers' Selene Castrovilla who will be discussing how they help authors and screenwriters hire the mentors and consultants they need to get exactly the right advice for their careers, scripts, books, etc. 

We've all attended classes taught by academics. We've all received general advice from other writers and our friends about our screenplay or book. But at some point you really need to talk to people who have actually bought and/or sold the kind of work you sell. You need specific insight from professionals who work in the entertainment or publishing industry. Roadmap Writers can connect you to those kinds of resources. 

You can sign up for this workshop at

If you are a VIP/PRO you don't have to sign up. You will automatically get invited to this workshop on September 23. You will automatically get a recording of the workshop. And you have access to all 100+ the previously recorded workshops and workbooks located at which delivers in-depth training in how to write, produce, publish, promote and protect your work. If you are not a VIP/PRO and you want 100+ hours of practical instruction you can dive into in any order, as well as live workshops, you can sign up for $20/month or less at

Being a VIP/PRO is a smart investment if you like live events AND you like being able to watch and listen to in-depth recorded workshops on copyright, press releases, right of publicity, how to launch a podcast, how to publish on Amazon and other online bookstores, how to raise money from investors (and fans), how to produce your film or tv show on 3D setswhere to find agents and managers who actually sell, and other training on demand. Knowing this stuff makes a profitable career possible as a writer, screenwriter, producer, or expert selling services :) Wondering what topics we address? 

Check out Remember you can watch/listen on your computer or phone. VIP/PRO members have access to all workshops. You can purchase individual workshops if desired. 


  • Sept 23 Get Mentored by Hollywood & Publishing Insiders through Roadmap Writers:

  • Learn how to work with name writing and producing talent, Hollywood insiders, Publishing insiders so you get actual help from people active in the industry.

  • Sept 30 Casting Actors for Your Projects:

  • Learn how to cast the actors you need for podcasts, zoom movies, short films, indie features, and every other kind of project quickly and cost effectively.

  • Oct 7: Interview with Podcaster Bruce Wawrzyniak / Now Hear This in Top 2% of Podcasts Worldwide

  • Learn how to build a podcast that gains followers month after month, and how to get booked on a podcast from a leader in the industry. 


Please email me at I look forward to hearing from you. 

Best Wishes, 

Nancy Fulton

PERK for reading all the way to the bottom :) 

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