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Getting the Credit You Deserve on IMDB (and Elsewhere) / Additional Workshops

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Just a quick heads up. I've posted the interview with Producer Darnell Williams. His in-depth overview of producing film and television more quickly, cost effectively, and profitably using the Unreal Engine was amazing. For the next 24 hours you can get the video and other related resources here:


Getting your IMDB credits to accurately reflect your work is critical for making sure industry pros perceive you and your work accurately. Investors, producers, agents, managers, leading actors, key cast and key crew look people up on IMDB to assess their value. When IMDB says you have few credits, getting hired, finding funding, building new deals is much harder.

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Many people, particularly those with decades in the entertainment industry, feel IMDB makes it very hard for them to get cast or build productive collaborative relationships because IMDB completely misrepresents the work they have done. IMDB lets you list:

  • Podcasts
  • Video Casts
  • Short Films 
  • Features 
  • Talk Shows
  • Reality Shows
  • Individual Videos
  • Documentaries
  • etc.

In this workshop you learn how to get credit for a lot more of your work listed on IMDB, and you learn what to do when and if that proves impossible for some projects.

Topics addressed:

  • How to add your projects to IMDB, including the links and information you must be able to provide.
  • What kind of projects you can list on IMDB, and why listing all your work is important.
  • How to help IMDB staff resolve errors by collecting the information they need.
  • How to use LinkedIn to stand in for IMDB when you can't get your credits correctly listed.
  • How to make Google accurately list your credits when IMDB won't.
  • Using IMDB, LinkedIn, and Google to effectively communicate your value, get jobs, create deals.

Supporting videos that come with this workshop include:

  • How to Pitch Almost Anyone via Linkedin (1 Hour)
  • Writing & Distributing Effective Press Releases (1 Hour)

If you have questions about this workshop, email


  • Sept 14 IMDB Credits Workshops:
  • Learn how to get the credit you deserve for your work so you can get the collaborators and support you need for your work. 
  • Sept 23 Get Mentored by Hollywood Insiders:
  • Learn how to work with name writing and producing talent, Hollywood insiders, Publishing insiders so you get actual help from people active in the industry. 
  • Sept 30 Casting Actors for Your Projects:
  • Learn how to cast the actors you need for podcasts, zoom movies, short films, indie features, and every other kind of project quickly and cost effectively. 
  • Oct 7: Interview with Podcaster Bruce Wawrzyniak / Now Hear This in Top 2% of Podcasts Worldwide //
  • Learn how to build a podcast that gains followers month after month, and how to get booked on a podcast from a leader in the industry. 

What defines success for you? Doing the work you care the most about? Earning a good living from the work you do? Gathering fans who love your work and making friends with talented individuals who share your interests? Becoming a VIP/PRO member helps you, very cost effectively, acquire the skills you need to do these things. 

Signing up for $20/month (or less for longer memberships) gives you access to 40+ live workshops and 100+ recorded workshops featuring industry leaders and experts ( You can spend more, but you can't get more practical information or more active support designed to take you exactly where you want to go. Remember you can cancel your membership at any time.   

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